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Description & Details

An open source, customizable launcher.

An open source lightweight, customizable launcher similar to the Pixel Launcher. The source code can be found at the following Github repository: https://github.com/hundeva/Lean-Launcher


- Notification dots
- on supported devices
- App shortcuts
- static shortcuts from android 6.0
- dynamic shortcuts on support devices
- extra shortcut option to edit or uninstall apps
- Dynamic icons on supported devices
- for Google Calendar
- for Google Clock
- Quick actions
- swipe down for notifications with one finger
- swipe down for quick settings with two finger
- At A Glance
- with a companion app
- Google Now
- only for debug builds for now
- Search UI
- hide bottom search bar
- change search provider
- colored G icon
- hide app search bar
- hide app suggestions
- Look & Feel
- force light or dark theme, or just based on your wallpaper
- change Hotseat background
- change grid sizes
- change Hotseat icon count
- change icon sizes
- Edit apps
- hide apps from your drawer
- change icon shapes
- support
- Other
- allow home screen rotation
- disable spring animation
- toggle navigation bar transparency
- lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes
- double tap to lock

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  • Lean Launcher finally rolls out on the Play Store

    (20 days ago)

    The Lean Launcher is now available in the Google Play Store. We’ve actually featured this app launcher three times already last month. We first thought it was like the Rootless Pixel Launcher…



Latest Ratings

Alex 5
I think my only gripe with this is that the companion app isn't very compatible with the Pixel 2. See, I wanted a more customizeable experience while still maintaining the look and fluidity of the Pixel 2 launcher. If there's any way that you can make it work, then that would be great! Great job on this! Oh yeah, also more use of the new font Google has been using on the Pixel 2 where needed would be nice as well.
Nick 5
I know I just got this launcher so I might be a bit excited but it's literally a launcher I've wanted. Pixel launcher with good customizations. It doesn't always work on my essential phone. Holding on the screen doesn't allow me to access settings, have to restart it to get my Google feed but then it doesn't show after a few moments. I know it's new, and I want to be patient because it is very clean and what I want. I know it'll all get worked out!
CaliforniaPurps 5
This is a MUST HAVE app for any Android Devices running Marshmellow and lower versions. It takes up almost NO STORAGE SPACE. The only thing I've noticed its lacking is live wallpaper functionality. Who uses live wallpapers anyways they drain your battery so fast... 5 stars for apps super small size and smooth performance.
Elia 5
The launcher I've always wanted! If I want to nitpick, I would like to change the icon of a single app. EDIT: thanks for the answer. I noticed that once I turn on my phone meteo takes a lot of time to sync and appear in the widget.
Brandon 5
Thank you so much for this app. It has made my work Samsung gs8 usuable. I can't stand touch whiz/experience or whatever they want to call it. Actually this accomplishes what I've always wanted...stock-ish Android on the beautiful Samsung hardware. Sammy should just bail on software and let you take care of the launcher for them.
Hetul 5
This app is very good. I use this app even though I have purchased Nova Prime. My only complaint with this app is the icon customization isn't as good as Nova launcher's. I can't just set icon by myself. I also request you to add a provision of using more than one icon packs at once. Thank you.
GamingWithMe 3
It's a really nice launcher. But when I swipe down from the middle of the page my notification bar goes down. I installed Material Notification Shade because it is more stock. Is there a way to disable the swipe down from middle status bar?
The finest stock launcher and all the needed extra features you want. But only one thing which i really miss is the Google feeds its missing in stable version 🙂. hope you guys do something on it BtW Thankx for this
Uddipta 3
Holding on the homescreen doesn't show launcher settings. I am also unable to add apps from the app drawer to the homescreen. Other than that its a very clean launcher with nice customisations. Hope it gets better in the next updates.
Tanmay 3
Homescreen date widget (at a glance) is not showing calendar events. I've downloaded n applied at a glance companion app. Restarted the launcher n device. Nothing's working. Pls let me know if you need logs.
Joshua 4
Awesome launcher! I have the Pixel 2 and I love the launcher but hate the limitations. Only downside is that at a glance is not customizable (I assume it's because of software limitations). I would give it 5 stars if it had infinite scrolling!

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