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Tips to become a better husband and reap the rewards from a happy relationship.

How Did He Know? (HDHK) is a revolutionary app that delivers daily, customized tips to help men become better husbands and partner—and reap the rewards that come from happy, fulfilling relationships.

With the HDHK app, men receive on tip every day about how they can best meet their wives’ needs. Using a proprietary algorithm and data you supply about your partner and her monthly cycle, HDHK can anticipate your wife’s needs—before she even knows them! Daily, customized tips will help you understand your wife’s monthly changes—physically and emotionally—and provide you with insight to ‘wow’ her each and every day.

Features include:
- Daily relationship hacks to help you quickly and easily strengthen your marriage
- Advice, tips and suggestions based on science and data about women
- Customization options to personalize tips for parents or non-parents
- Editable calendar to keep track of important dates in your relationship
- Exclusive offers for HDHK users to save on hotels, clothing, flowers, wine and more
- In-app access to articles, blogs and professionals to help you improve your relationship

Why use HDHK? Here are a few things to consider. Did you know happily married men:

- Make more money
- Have a higher rate of home ownership
- Raise more successful children
- Live longer
- Save more in investment accounts
- Report lower stress levels
- Volunteer more hours
- Have healthier friendships

Are you ready to get serious about building your marriage? Download HDHK to start becoming a better husband today!

Note: Period Tracker is built for entertainment purposes only. No medical advice or birth control methods should be modified based on any app. Please seek advice from a medical doctor first.

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