The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk

The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk








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By Headup Games Category Adventure #20

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Solve mind-bending puzzles in a world full of mystery and save the flute-noses!

Solve mind-bending puzzles in a world full of mystery and save the family of the flute-noses! Their dynasty has been watching over Asposia for centuries on end. In secret, they fill the roly-poly world with light and life. But when their existence is discovered, they become hunted. Emil, a trader for odds and ends, made all the Asposians believe that the dynasty is in cahoots with dark forces. The only one who can stop the evil Emil is the heir to the throne: Robert. He has been petrified for three years, though. With a huge dose of enthusiasm, but little to no idea what he’s actually doing, he embarks on an adventure to find the legendary last wind monk. Of course, he has some great company: Peck, as loyal as he is flightless, and Laura, a rebel who certainly does fly, but only off the handle - and who Robert loves, with a capital L. Everything changes, when they meet the mysterious Mama Dola, who seems to know more about Robert’s destiny than Robert would like.

- Experience the fun and moving sequel to “The Inner World”. And don't worry if you haven't played the first game! This one is enjoyable all on it's own!
- Switch seamlessly between playing our charming Asposian heroes Robert and Laura, and their clumsy but friendly pigeon, Peck.
- Enjoy hilarious dialogues with amazing voice-overs.
- Hours of fun brainteasers await you: Challenge Uncle Oboe to a game of Knock-Knock and win some much needed prison toilet paper, cause trouble in the tumble mouse shearing factory, help a desperate Bingo Pony become happy once again, bring an adorable baby gorf back home, and save Asposia! Again!
- A patented, multi-level hint system enables everyone to finish the game!
- Learn new songs on your magic flute nose, to activate ancient artifacts and invoke the wind!
- Lose yourself in the beautiful animation and the atmospheric soundtrack.
- Explore the topsy-turvy cable car station of Asposia Central, get to know the quirky tumble mouse factory workers, reveal the secret of the Shovel Mountains, and much more!

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Lukas 2
This game could be an easy 5-star if it wouldn't be riddled by little, but sometimes game-breaking bugs. For instance, using hints will break the interaction of items with the environment. The only solution I found was to completely restart the game. Annoying, but manageable. More severe is another bug I just encountered, basically preventing me from progressing in the game. One of the red plugs for the ticket machine just disappeared. I don't even know why, but I don't see any way to complete the game now. Incredibly frustrating. This game could be absolutely great, but is rather disappointing, because of technical issues.
Joe 3
Please support ultra widescreen. It's really hard to play right now as the UI elements are cut off
Brooke 4
This game is amazing. I actually replayed the prequel before starting this game up, and while it's not required to have played the first game before playing this one, I highly recommend it as it adds to the story. And what a story it is! Comparing this game to the last one, I felt like this one was longer, and the puzzles were definitely more complex. There is a terrific hint system, but I hated how often I had to use it (quite frequently, as compared to one time during the entire prequel). Some of the puzzles were also a bit monotonous (like the pillar one). I also noticed some glitches. The game force closed several times (suddenly closing to the home screen with no warning). And during the final cutscene the game decided to go into a weird sort of portrait mode right when Libretta hugged Laura, and stayed in portrait until just before the credits rolled, which rather ruined the ending for me (I didn't move my tablet at all, so have no idea why the game tried to force itself into portrait mode). I also noticed a handful of errors in the subtitles (several misspelled words and one case of an extra word being inserted). All these things make me think the game should probably still be in beta. BUT - it's still a truly terrific game, and one I'm glad to have played. I'll probably return to play it again someday - and as someone who rarely finishes games even once, that says a lot. Definitely worth downloading. I just hope the issues are fixed before I do another playthrough.
parit 5
Nice game BUT IT DOES NOT WORK WITH NOTE4 all i get is a black finally works now after re installation of google game..thanks alot!
Erik 1
Nothing but a black screen. Would like refund.
Tomasz 1
I love the first part and I'm sure I'll enjoy the second one, but please fix that black screen error!
Izra 5
Love it! Thanks guys! I'll update this after I played it a little longer.
Pete 5
Awesome. Thanks for making an Android port. And the price is really good too.
Whitney 5
I couldn't put it down! Great game!
shared 5
Thanks for making awesome part 2!
Tommy 5
Yes indeedy I sure do love this game in fact I'll even go as far as it's one of the best ever I've played 😁😀😉


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