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Venture into a Ganghood world and become a invincible swordman!

Ever dreamed to be a Kungfu Master & lead a team of Kungfu heroes? Venture into a Ganghood world with mystical oriental martial arts. Recruit heroes,combine gear, master new kungfu to enhance your power!
Enjoy breathtaking scenes of rivers & lakes in Chinese traditional ink-wash painting!


[Kungfu RPG battle]
Release ultimate skills to defeat opponent with just your fingertips. Easily arrange your array and formation in the way you like with a few taps.Feeling excited to enter a oriental world of wushu with the exciting new battle mode already?

[Traditional Chinese style]
Find yourself in an even more exciting virtual world full of Chenese style elements.
Ink-wash painting,traditional apparel,various heroes show a different landscape of Ganghood .

[Experience of Ganghood ]
It’s not all about fights! Step into the story of heroes, and they will accompany you to experience all the classic plots. Different choices lead to different plots. Hundreds of storylines available on your choices!

[Divine Artifact]
Become a master in Kungfu weapons like Pavo Plume/Parting Hook, Lachrymoser and many others in the Ganghood!Gear Refine, Gem Insert and Recast help you power up. Collect the unique martial arts,polish up your weapons to overcome all challenges in Ganghood.

[Rich Battle Strategies]
Train yourself with the art of attack modes in the Nine-square Position System:single attack,entire attack,lowest HP or the least defense.Different heroes combinations can defeat different enemies,try to achieve the greatest combination to win.

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Satis 1
the game is damn good. so addicting. but clueless. No forum. No guides. there is this item called swordsman switcher. it says I can switch a swordsman's lvl, skill lvl and veins with another. But nowhere to find the function to do it. please advise and release a detailed guide in how things work in this game so that new players will stay interested in the game.
Goh 3
Too little stamina unless you spend money
Ho 4
I like Jin Yong & Gulong novel, that's why I downloaded it n play it.The game graphic is good, gameplay is ok, music is nice too. However, it lack of the exploration gameplay like a RPG should be. The whole storyline n battles are straight forward like a single line. On the other hand, the game does not give us a Language option, I mean Chinese. Also, the still got some bugs there, for example I can't see the Notice whenever I login. Some texts still can not be seen at the bottom of the text screen. Maybe, my phone is lite so, it's not big enough to see the words bellow. I m not playing this game more, l spent most my time in FFBE.
Muhammad 3
The only reason i don't give this game a five is it is pay to win and is like most games a cash grab .Stamina regain seriously very slow . Over all its good and fun to play. All the best for developer..even though its pay to win im still supporting by becoming vip 5 and I do hope there some change and improvement..
Nathaniel 1
Game won't let me go past a certain point. I even reinstalled still stuck at the same point. I'm suppose to swipe to put a person on my team. It's stuck there the person won't go to the team. What a joke of a game
Anthony 4
Could you guys PLEASE give the female hero a voice?!! She really sounds like you just gave the male hero a saying and she is left saying the same thing.
abcdead 2
You guys need to fixs the recycle system. Which is i got alot of hero need to reset... only shows phase 1 hero. I will give 5 star after update
Elwin 3
1) The waiting time is too long to restore the stamina. 2) The 7 days event is impossible for non-cash player to complete all. Even VIP 5 also unable to complete some of it within 7 days. 3) Guild function may need to improve. Many illogical setting such as only leader can kick people, vice leader no such function. Also, if leader already quit the game, the guild basically dead coz unable to kick people. Maybe put a setting that guild leader inactive for 3 days will pass leadership to vice leader or nomination among members. 4) I can't complain pay to win game but there is too much event for cash player in the same time. OMG, there is almost 10 events for cash player in the same day. Non-cash player only can see the event. Should balance it out the event for non-cash player and cash player event.
sean 3
Did not receive the gear stated after first recharge. Other than that, the game is rather good. Hope the developers do something about it as I'm pretty sure I am not the only who has this issue based on the reviews.
myxdep69 1
Your game had a glitch and its not my problem or some of the players who received the unlimited ingot. Then you just banned my account for your OWN error??! What the duck!! Uninstalled FOREVER
Bemo 1
My account has been banned for no reason. I've done nothing to deserve a ban. Please give my account back.

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