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Attention manga fans! Amazing RPG game comes to the store now!

Attention manga fans! Amazing RPG game comes to the store now!
Join us with millions of players, summon your heroes, raise a guild, experience marriages, and fight in this epic world!


[Manga Style]
Bling ~ Bling ~ Bling ~
Enjoy the Manga style game with stunning graphics!

[Supereme Heroes Collection]
Hundreds of different heroes available! Customize with awesome oufits!
Collect and enpower your heroes as many as you want to assemble the greatest team!

[Guid Battles]
All for one! Invite your friends or join a guid to fight for the guild war!

[Get married]
Find your special one in the game!
Get married and fight for each other!

[Pets company]
Pretty pets, raise them up and keep company with you.

Welcome to the Summoners world!

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Email: los_customerservice_en@heitao.com
Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/LordofSummonersMobileEn/
Official Website: http://game-na.heitaoglobal.com/mph

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Latest Ratings

Joshua 4
Why are u all complaining... It's really good game too..ohh I have 1 suggestion.. Why??on the seventh day of login we can't get the soul puzzles it's gone when we are about to claim it..
Ronald 5
Well I have read other reviews and found that there characters from Naruto and Dbz included in this game. It's to bad that people haven't paid closer attention.
Ricky 1
I will change as soon as it let's me open the game, it wants me to read the identification code for my phone? I don't even know what that means
Em-em 5
I suggest to stop open new server. At least 1 server per month is fine cause it will kill the old one. Thank you.
That 5
It is a amazing game I have only been playing for a few months amd I am totally addicted to it I just wish that they would make Goku Blue a person you could get from a dungeon or raid because he is amazing and I would love to grind the game for hours or days to get him but as it stands he is only a one time guy to get and that is by chance I wish it to be different bit all in all I love this game and would recommend it to all my friends and family who love animea
Lenny 1
Installed this game to write you a negative review to stop the ad you are running that has Dragon Ball and Naruto characters. Stop the ad. Pause the campaign. Remove your budget for the ad. Don't ask me how you can make the game better. Pause the ad.
A&J 1
This is false advertising, which is illegal by the way. If you don't change the add then you'll be taken to court, you've been lying to everyone take this game down.
Shannon 3
Can someone help me please? I haven't been able to play the game because it said something about cache needing permissions. What exactly does that mean?
Alaa 4
I faced some problem today, I bought two packages and I didn't get the packages and the game already took my money
Robert 2
I cannot get past tip info it says...recharge need to get Google account information, do not open will not be able to recharge the normal......?help please
Destiny 4
Annoying tutorial it forces you to do the whole first chapter plus elite stages


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