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Organize a group journey via taxi, bus, subway or car 🚗 Book & Share the Ride!

Forget the hassle of carpool planning and say goodbye to toggling back and forth between group messages and navigation apps. Introducing SoMo, an all-encompassing seamless transportation app that gives full access to the HERE Mobility Marketplace. SoMo is the best way to plan, book and coordinate your ride with family or friends via public transit, taxi, limo or car. Drive solo or share a ride with a friend to a one-time get-together or a recurring event. With SoMo, you can invite friends to join a ride, share ride details, get real-time ETAs, plan and communicate easily for a smooth journey.

Upgrade your mobility experience. Download SoMo and make travel from point A to B more efficient, stress-free, simple and social!

The smart way to organize a ride 🚗
SoMo makes the whole process of organizing a ride or commute between family and friends simple. Whether you need to get to a family wedding, arrange an after-school carpool or plan a solo ride like your commute to work–do it your way. Choose from public transit options like bus, subway, metro or taxi, or find a ride with a friend headed in the same direction. Ride the smart way and save time.

Organize your morning ride to work, your neighborhood carpool and create or join a ride. SoMo is the smart way to travel, wherever you’re headed.

SoMo connects to your social circles so you can easily plan a ride or a trip together and create a ride group based on a shared destination or common interest. You can also create a Gathering which is an event that is defined by location, time, attendees, and intent. The app’s sophisticated mapping technology and live data make planning and sharing your trip easy, so you can get to any Gathering with ease.

With SoMo, you can explore what’s happening nearby, and join a Gathering or event you’re interested in. View who is driving there, carpool together, ride solo, book a ride, or see what public transport options are available. Easily plan with friends who are attending the same Gathering so you can arrive together.

A simple app for all your riding needs 🎉
Forget the stress! No more toggling between different navigation or messaging apps to organize your trip. SoMo is a seamless way to find and book a ride using various transportation options. Get wherever you need to go by driving, taking a taxi, subway or metro, limo or bus, or join an existing ride. SoMo combines all your transportation needs within one beautiful and easy-to-use interface. Open the app, find or coordinate your ride and you’re on your way.

Optimized pickup, drop off and travel routes 📍
SoMo’s algorithm optimizes route-planning and GPS navigation to get you where you need to go and ensures you arrive on time. The app uses rider locations to determine the most efficient routes based on pickup and drop-off points, time and distance. The app also functions as a classic navigation app, offering turn-by-turn GPS guidance and real-time traffic updates for the driver. Plus, automatic updates about driver location and ETAs ensure that drivers can navigate and arrive safely without any distractions.

With easy group creation and ride searchability, SoMo is the seamless and flexible all-in-one app for all your transport needs, helping you coordinate and plan for a quick and fun drive.

Please check the availability of transportation options in your city, as not all options are offered in all locations.

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