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Goat Rampage Craze Simulator. Play as a crazy goat on a destructive rampage!

Angry Goat Rampage Craze Simulator - Wild Animal is all about causing as much destruction as you possibly can as a goat. It has been compared to an old-school skating game, except instead of being a skater, you're a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff. When it comes to goats, not even the sky is the limit, as you can probably just bug it and crash the game. Wander like a free goat or jump across crazy obstacles or simply be a crazy goat and go on a goat rampage! Bored of being a human? Take a break and go crazy in this goat simulator where you play as a crazy silly goat. Try the Jetpack to fly around or use your Tongue to pull humans or why not headbutt them! This goat is surely here for some destruction. The crazy and fancy goat is here, take a big breath and enter deep into smashing world of Goat. A fun goat simulator game in which crazy goat is unstoppable for humans, animals and vehicles making everybody’s life more miserable than ever. Initially, people would not believe the strength of a mountain goat with large horns for total destruction in a full-throttle city rampage, but it's your job to make them believe with goat run athleticism and crazy jumping goat maneuvers.

Enjoy this Angry Goat Rampage Craze Simulator - Wild Animal free full version with amazing features and exciting levels. Reach the goals, complete the target and share with your friends. You have to control the goat and attack the targeted goods and earn points to complete the level and go to the next level. The goat simulator free game is suitable for all ages its really great fun for everyone. Must try crazy goat and share with your friends and family. You are a goat and you are born to run and head-butt things. Collect the coins and try to find the clues to why the farmer has not been seen for a while. Flying simulator games animals free is the thrilling game with blasting missions. Fight with different animals in the city and beware from humans which are trying to kill you with the help of sticks. Hit the cars and disturb the innocent civilians. A fun goat sim free in which stupid goat is unstoppable for the human being, angry animals and luxury vehicles making everybody’s life more miserable than ever. Flying running goats are full of fun and thrilling missions. Super goat fight with humans and mad animals with the help of the powerful hit.

Angry Goat Rampage Craze Simulator - San Andreas Vegas Crime City is on a mission to cause destruction! Scamper and jump around NY City to take revenge on pedestrians. There’s a variety from which you can choose. Run in a rampage and cause some damage to vehicles and people’s precious homes! Break into office buildings, stores, malls, and more. Use your long tongue as a grapple to reel in people, cars. And trucks. Catch them before they run away! Crazy goat animal simulator game is an amazing game for all goat lovers and flying fans. Crazy real goat simulator free moves freely in the grand city and hit the enemies. Destroy everything in the city and disturb the innocent civilians in this game. Crazy goat games are this full of action and fun. Explore large maps, with interactive humans, animals, buildings and vehicles and make everybody's lives as miserable as possible.

Features of Angry Goat Rampage Craze Simulator - Wild Animal
🐐 Realistic city Environment.
🐐 Creative Rampage obstacles.
🐐 Realistic gameplay
🐐 Easy and smooth controls.
🐐 Amazing animations.
🐐 HD 3D graphics.
🐐 Challenging levels.
🐐 Compatible with all kind of devices.

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4.1 and up
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Everyone 10+
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1000 - 5000
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