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Practice your Shooting Skills in Shoot The Watermelon.

Do you like fruit shoot game? Have you played archery fruit shooting games? Here is new fruit shooter game as Shoot The Watermelon
You can meet your shooting ambition and improve your focus by shooting watermelons. Watermelon shooter is a gun simulator game for free to improve your focus and shooting skills level. Aim the watermelon; press trigger and shoot the watermelon. Enjoy the real smash and bursting out of it. In this fruit shooting gun simulator game you will crush fruits by focusing on your target.

This watermelon shooting game is new gun simulator where you hit the target with real pistol or gun in your hand. Watermelon shooter is the best shooting practice game where you can shoot freely without any fear of damage. Targets are fruits so there is no risk of getting hurt of damages. Be concentrated and focus on your target. Watermelons are moving around, keep an eye on the movement and hit your shoot accurately.

Game Play
Shoot The Watermelon is designed with an interesting game play so it can help you in a better way to improve your shooting skills. Game contains various levels and missions. Every mission has it’s own difficulty and interest level. Every level provides a number of watermelons to shoot with a number of bullets. The most interesting this is that you will never run out of bullets if you are shooting watermelons but bullets will be wasted if you will shoot somewhere wrong. You are provided with ample time to set your aims so don’t worry about time; just focus your target and shoot accurately. Guns are featured where you can choose and set accuracy level of every gun.
Point your finger on screen to move the gun left or right.

Focus your target and hit only watermelon. Hitting around or other than target can fail you to achieve mission. Hitting other objects is loss of bullets.

Get ready to aim and shoot to crush all the watermelons as a fruit smasher while playing the best watermelon shooting game. Are you looking for the best sniper shooting games with realistic shooting arena? Shoot The Watermelon is perfect for you to become an arcade shooter and have a shooting adventure. There are many thrilling challenges and adventures in the watermelon sniper shooting game but only for the pro sniper shooters. Get trained through this arcade shooting game with modern sniper guns like as pro sniper shooter in the modern army-training zone. This juicy arcade game is one of the most addictive and entertaining watermelon shooter games to display you watermelon-splashing skills to become a real army man. Enjoy with this awesome target shoot games to feel the real fun and thrill of fruit smasher experience.

Hold gun in your hand and be a real shooter. Focus and aim at target. Shoot it accurately and try to crush maximum watermelons in single shot. Maybe you have played many fruit shooting games like apple shooting but this Shoot The Watermelon can feel you like a real shooting experience. You may have played archery fruit shooting, crushing or smashing games but not by holding a gun or pistol in your hand.

Shoot The Watermelon has realistic environment and stunning graphics for you to get real fun and adventure. It’s user friendly interface and sweet sound effects makes an addictive game. Watermelon fruit shooter adventure has real time simulation, based on explosive sniper guns and more than one challenging missions to hit the target. It’s a time to check your sniper shooting skills with unlimited resources through this shooting game.

Features of Shoot The Watermelon: 
Real shooting Training
- Realistic crushing and smashing
-Real Sound & Particle Effects
- Real Burst & Blast
- Aim & Smash Target
- Multiple Levels & Missions
- Addictive FPS Game
- Accuracy Adjustments Of Guns
- Easy & Realistic Controls

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