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Poke Monster android game first look gameplay español

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*PLAY NOW*Collect and battle with ultimate monster fighting!

Next level of Adventure Game is now here! For all of you that love to collect and train thousands of monsters with different elements is real. Join us and become the greatest Monster Trainer ever in history!

*Poke Monster Features*

-Train your Monsters-
Catch and train your monster make them stronger! Raise your monsters level and evolve them to beat other monster.

-Gym Battle-
Attack or Defend? The choice is in trainer’s hands. Know the weaknesses/strengths of your monster and the enemy to win all battles!

Are you the best trainers? We are using badge system is here, can you prove it with challenge all Gym to get the badges?

Start your journey with a unique storylines, monster that you bring into adventure also important to choose. Choose them wisely!

*Hunting Ground*
If you can survive, you could can catch legendary monster to help you beat other trainer!

*Features and Events*
Daily events and new adventure are waiting for you with massive rewards!

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4.1 and up
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Christianto 5
Halo. Can you please fix the bug on field exploration Mt. Moon at server 13. When I've entered the cave, the first team rocket I encountered has a NPC DATA ERROR all the time. So I can't go any further from there.
Alfredo 5
Please dont make a new server too fast. It feels so empty, and hard to build a new union cause just a litle player and they just gather in some union. So we as a new player dont have a chance to build a new union because of no more new player. Over all the game is good. Thx
Dracul 3
Hello Dev, I caught Mew in the Garden but it says no pokemon data found and it stuck. I didn't receive any eudemon bugle's either. It has happened twice and I can provide screenshots if you like.
Henny 2
Di eksplorasi liar ga bisa berbuat apa-apa, baru ketemu sama doctornya dan mau dikasih pokemon tp yang ada error dan game langsung freeze (4502 Data error: error: calskill stald invalid!)
Dragon_ 1
When i download it was fine but when i join the game it was a bunch of Chinese words like this (服务器或者网络错误,返回键退出) and i CAN'T login it's just stuck even i reinstall it i just want a pokemon remake game like this but it SUCKS 😧😧 (My internet connection is fine by the way)
batranum 3
Saya kasih dulu 3.. Ada kendala soal Guild pak GM.. Chairman kami Guild VIP di S9 tidak login dan pensi.. Sudah 3 hari.. Namun kami tidak bs impeach.. Kenapa ya? Sementara guild masih banyak yang mau aktif. Apakah sudah pernah mencoba impeach? Karena sangat mengganggu.. Pensi tanpa kabar.. Dan sudah coba pada Impeach namun tidak ada reaksi.. Kami batasi lebih dr 2 hari off akan kami kick.. Namun chairman kami tidak aktif sudah lebih dr 3 hari.. Apakah ada solusi? Daripada buat guild baru? Thanks Kalau ini bisa terselesaikan bintang akan saya tambah.. Thanks
Rofiarda 1
Saya sudah kasih banyak masukan ke developer aplikasi maupun via fanspage. Namun tetap tidak ada perubahan besar dari aplikasi ini. Slalu mementingkan event top up, update yang tidak diperlukan dan mengabaikan masalah yg sebelumnya. Hingga akhirnya banyak para master yang memutuskan untuk berhenti bermain game ini. Masalah koneksi, fitur yg macet, dll tidak ada perubahan bahkan malah melakukan update fitur baru. Pekerjaan admin sangat tidak sistematis dan merugikan banyak pihak. Para maniak game ini merasa jenuh dan saya yakin game ini akan bangkrut, bukan karna masalah perizinan (re: mistery pet) namun karena ulah admin yang tidak mementingkan kebutuhan pelanggan ! Salam
Dion 1
Tolong bantu dong. Saya ga bisa merecovery acc saya. Udh forgot password disuruh cek email tp ga ada emailnya. Saya sudah cek spam ttp ga ada email. Tolong supportnya dong. Mau contact developer coming soon semua contactnya
Tahta 2
Application always stopped working when touch facebook button to connect account The monster very hard to catch even the monster on low health Difficult to find information about the gameplay
Tangibleruki 3
Can you make the Ralts not so hard to catch? I mean , I sacrifice at least ten ultra balls and I didn't even get one ....:( ... And can you make the evee not so hard to find?? I'm sorry if this review is annoying but I really love the game and didn't want to stop playing just because these two things above .... Please make it easier to catch Ralts please :)
Vidi 5
Overall the games is good There was an PROBLEM IN LOGIN to SERVER which many of us gt annoyed with the same thing Please FIX it thx


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