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A nervous street combat game that keeps you playing it!

Are you ready to feel the realistic wrestling fight style and punch boxing to show your fighting skills and be the world greatest boxing king? Now, “Super Boxing Champion: Street Fighting” appears to realize your dream of being a legendary boxing champion in the brutal street combat! Just enter into the game and fight for the survival. Fight to earn you honor and use flashy skills to stop your mortal opponents’ continuous melee attacks. With magnificent graphics, ultimate combos and perfect visual and sound effects, this game will make you addicted to it. Once you start this game, you will feel yourself like a real legendary boxing champion. Want to devastate all gangsters in this violent world? Just do it!

“Super Boxing Champion: Street Fighting” needs you to be really fast reactive to smash up and slay your opponents and move yourself away from your mortal enemies’ melee attacks as they may blindside you to make you knocked down. It offers fighting game fans an adrenaline pumping world of boxing action. In this brutal game, some rivals might be stronger than they look, so train yourself a lot to prove your strength as a real boxing king. Slay and smash up all of them! Use your legs to kick and your fists to punch! Or pick up your destructive weapons to devastate all your rivals! Faced with your rivals’ continuous melee attacks, what you should do is to fight to the end! Immerse yourself in adrenaline pumping world of boxing action! Become a challenger and enjoy battling with hundreds of rivals!

Features of “Super Boxing Champion: Street Fighting”:
Knock down your opponents by punching or kicking
Unlimited combos and exquisite game scene
Cool and devastating weapons are waiting for you
Impressive game story and realistic battle experience
More than 60 fierce game levels and missions
Authentic actions and realistic punch boxing moves

Polished animation and stunning 2D graphics will bring the real boxing experience to your hand, and intuitive touchscreen control will make you feel easy to play. Go toe-to-toe against your rivals and show them who is the boxing king! Use quick reflexes and special moves and unleash fierce punches and combos to beat all your rivals! Feel the adrenaline rush with them!

Enjoy exciting battles with your mortal enemies! Feel the adrenaline of fighting with your devastating weapons and protecting the world from your mortal enemies’ continuous intruding. You will face legendary fighters with skills of kungfu, karate, Chinese martial artists, boxing, punching, kicking, MMA. Now, you can perform incredible stunts and challenge whoever is standing in front of you as an obstruction. In order to be the only boxing champion in this brutal street combat, you must teach your opponents a gory lesson and let them pay by their blood! Punch or kick on the head of your mortal enemies to stop their continuous melee attacks in “Super Boxing Champion: Street Fighting”!

If you love playing brutal street combat games, this is what will amaze you with its swift handling and amazing features. Come on! Use a variety of devastating punches and combos to give your rivals a gory lesson! It is an action & adventure sports game so do not hesitate to face your opponents. Experience the realistic boxing simulation game and enhance your punch boxing fighting skills, and upgrade your boxing and fighting expertise in this free punch boxing game.
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Latest Ratings

Game is pretty cool but to many ads and these characters power drops at a slow rate your own
dinesh 1
for weqpon purchasing error popup even gold have not enough
David 5
Well its 4:33 in the morning so... I need to get a life!!
Miroslav 3
Its very nice game but there is solo many boring videos soo its not for me
Jeremy 4
Fun :) freezes a lot, but you get coins for being off line.
Jose 5
Really good game but to much video to watch to earn things
_King_Julian_ 5
This is probably the best boxing game
Rolando 5
Rodney 5
Very addictive! This game is a sleep serial killer!
Brett 4
This is the second time uv said u added levels but there is no new levels In the most recent update it says you added levels where iv beaten every level and it is showing no new levels
Cali 5
It starts off easy but once you get to the meat grinder aka(Zangief) the game gets interesting & more challenging

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