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Description & Details

Are you ready to be the legendary ninja master and kill all your enemies?

Do you want to be a ninja master? Do you want to create the strongest ninja fighter and complete the seemingly impossible missions with your forces? “Ultimate Ninja Legend: Shinobi Fighter” gives you the opportunity to enjoy the most powerful Ninjutsu and combine your various flashy ninja skills to create your own ninja world!
Features of “Ultimate Ninja Legend: Shinobi Fighter”:
—Interesting Game Story
Welcome to the world of “Ultimate Ninja Legend: Shinobi Fighter”. In this game world, you will start your own legendary story and deal with various difficulties. You will be the strongest ninja master and enjoy your bloody struggles! What you need to do is to enhance your attacking power to change your destiny.
—Ultimate Skills and Unlimited Combos
Combining the incredible spirit and powerful skills, it will make you act as the real ninja master. Faced with the great challenge of ultimate shinobi storm, you need to explore different maps and use various fighting skills such as Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu and Boxing to defeat your mortal enemies. Enjoy your gory fight as a ninja master!
—Destructive Weapons and Defensive Gear
There are many weapon and great waiting for you to choose. What you need to do is to collect the destructive weapons and defensive gear to kill all your mortal enemies!
—Survive in the Ninja World
Enhance your attacking power, speed and accuracy, and improve your skills to the highest levels. Challenge different martial artists and beat them down to win rich rewards. The game provides you with a fascinating 2D combat experience so that you can control your life in your hands!
—Perfect Game Quality
“Ultimate Ninja Legend: Shinobi Fighter” makes you enjoy the classic characters and scenes in retro arcade games. With intuitive control and cool flashy skills, adventurous and well-designed game levels, interesting game story, complete and unique game system, it will make you hard to stop playing it.
“Ultimate Ninja Legend: Shinobi Fighter” is the most fierce action game in 2017 which will give you the extremely thrilling sensation of intense fighting. Now you can be a ninja master to create your own ninja world! Come on! Start your legendary fighting!
We will continue to optimize our game. If you have any suggestions, you can find us by the following ways.
Email: wjjcathy@gmail.com
Learn More: http://game.hsgame.com.cn
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HSGame-1614831638741727

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Latest Ratings

Benjamin 5
Good game All your games are good but sometimes give me weapons as gifts. Good game
mobkiller 5
This game is so awesome I will play it all the time
Hope 5
I love this game so much action
Jayden 5
I love everything but I HATE that you have to pay for the weapons Jesus christ!!!!!!
Almighty 5
Ok but... I wish that you didn't have to pay for the weapons
Hot 4
Something to drive time with js
You'll should have made the moves better and no guns and just karta moves better but it's a cool game please download it
riel 1
i hate this game you habe to pay for weapons the game creator was a scumbug
LucasTriplesg 3
The game is cool but why do we have to pay for the weapons instead of using the game coins and gems?
Andres 5
I like it because there's a Super Saiyan blue in the game and the super Saiyan but it has just the picture
Very very good game in this the hero is super saiyan blue goku

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