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Edge Launcher give you fast access to your smartphone with just one hand.

Edge Launcher helps give you fast access to your favorite apps, contacts, and settings with just one hand. Simply squeeze and you can instantly open a customizable circular-shaped menu that keeps what's important and most useful to you always within a thumb's reach. You can set up to five menus!
• Compatible with HTC Edge Sense
Squeeze to open the menu, and swipe to switch panels
• Customizable menu
Add your favorite apps, contacts and settings to the menu
• Customizable size
Adjust the panel size to fit your hand
• Smart suggestions
Find your most frequently used apps and contacts easily when you set it up

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7.0 and up
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  • HTC's Edge Launcher getting new options

    (14 days ago)

    HTC introduced the Squeeze Edge feature with its U11 phone and expanded its functionality with the HTC U11+ in November 2017, and now it has pushed one more update that allows you to customize the Lazy Susan menu that pops up with the squeeze feature to your liking...

Latest Ratings

meow 5
For people having problem, first you go to settings. Then advance mode select one of the two, short or long squeeze. After that select edge launcher. That's about it.
Joshua 4
I found this to be a really great function to utilise edge sense! HOWEVER, this feature scores 4/5 because I'd like a bit more accessibility with this. If this launcher could utilise the squeeze function within itself, that would be great: short squeeze for one application, long squeeze for another application (similar to subclass actions within the camera app). It's perfect if you want to access applications without looking, if you need to focus on more than one task, or if you want to locate your way around the phone in a rapid succession. Please consider this feedback, I'm sure the community would benefit from it! :)
Raphael 5
Wow! The new update makes it more useful. You don't have to unlock to see your edge launcher. Good job!
iad 5
Very fast and useful, nicely customisable, would like to be able to add whatsapp contacts as well as sms... But it's a great start! Htc u11 plus. Uk.
Nixxx 5
The wheel can be rnabled in the settings of edge sense, I don't understand how people are having problems.
Randy 1
Does not work for Sprint U11 existing edge sense functionality when squeezing phone. No edge launcher or menu to choose edge launcher.
Roland 4
Works as expected, does not seem to be able to display Dialer in edge pie.
Jeb 1
This is an app on the HTC U11, but it's not accessible.
Raj 1
On HTC U11 I can't see any edit button and the view is totally different to what it is the screen shots.My phone has been upgraded to Oreo Recently
Sanaullah 1
Foesnt work for me. Short squeeze launches camera and long one text to speech as setup in default. The circular menue doesnt appear for me...
Vince 5
Very useful for when running can do what I need one handed.. Check map change music check weather etc.

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