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Girlfriends Guide to Breakup 2 Music and Love - Android gameplay Hugs N Hearts Movie apps free

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High school love - heartbroken girl’s new life about music, freedom and love

How to lead a substantial life after a jerk ex-boyfriend?

In Girlfriends Guide to Breakup 1, Lisa broke up with her jerk ex-boyfriend Jack who cheated on her. Now Lisa is free to embrace a new life! What would she do?

Enjoy her time with BFFs, of course! They are the ones who would never betray her!
Beauty is her revenge to those who think little of her! She will become more beautiful than anybody could ever imagine!
Learning and practicing is the key to success on Lisa's music journey. She will catch the one chance to amaze everybody of her musical talents.
Perhaps an opportunity of a new relationship? Her music partner Aaron asked her out for a first date. But this time, she will be more thorough and confident! And definitely, sweeter!


Beautiful makeup and dressup makes a new Lisa!
Shopping with BFFs is always the best!
Practice piano and play a duets with a violin!
Fix the broken instruments!
Design your own flower bouquet!

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Edwin 5
I simply cannot wish for a better game than this. Money and status would be involved plus job credentials. Now I truly wonder what Edmund would be up to. I could give him a ring, unfortunately his phone number is not with me at all.
Kim 4
Will i tried to buy the thing that removes adds and then it says payment unsuccessful, but that was my true credit card I have like $500,000,00 in my credit card and that happens?? I'll gave you four....stars great (little bit bad :/)
Mohd 4
Game is good but i have to download two apps but story is not yet complete good buty you have to look to our problem and our data is not free we have to pay money for it.. Good ..sorry but one fault otherwise the game is fantaboulois
This is to show the boy thay had the good girl in his are but thin he let her go
Trinity 5
This game is very fun and time wasting but... I hate how every level we need to watch 2 videos
I like everything except the place where you try to get things for free sometimes they take you right back to the beginning
Indu 3
This game is nice but one lewel is to clean piano and volin but when I was cleaning it it wasn't got cleaned Now I am very angry
Payment The one thing that I hate this I can't buy the things and its want 200 r more than if we can't complete one thing we can't go next level if this game is note like this it will the best game ever please give me replay to play how
Alexandria 5
She is lucky she dumped him he cheated and that means he isn't worthy of her.Its his loss not hers.
Chelsea 4
I liked the game but my problem was watching videos all the time but now that i finished the part of the game i dont have to watch videos anymore that made me happy😊😊so overall i loved the game keep it up The game is addictive and awesome that u guys should get it😀😀😀😊😊
Prosper 1
Are you guys fooling us or what u said free yet if you tap on free they said know internet connection stupid app only money you want fools I hate this app if you don't have money don't download it pls I beg you don't download it 😈😈😈😈


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