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Action-Packed Marketing is a very powerful Marketing tool for any small business

"I just wanted to say how good the content is in this Action-Packed Marketing app... I'm already using some of the strategies after reading just one section... Thanks a lot John."
- Az Jackson

Lots of NEW Marketing Strategies!:

- (Marketing Absolutes): A Marketing Plan for Todays Marketplace
- (Social Media): 13 Ways to Get Your Social Media Marketing Noticed
- (Social Media): What part of free Social Marketing is really free?
- (Public Relations): How to Get Positive Customer Ratings and Reviews
- (Tidbits): 5 Quick Tips for a Successful Business Presentation
- (Tidbits): Online Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising
- (Website Strategies): 5 BIG Mistakes for a Business Blog
- Performance Enhancements

Action-Packed Marketing is a very powerful Marketing tool for ANY business seeking ways to boost profits and gain an edge on the competition. Even if you're just starting your own business (or thinking about it), Action-Packed Marketing will give you a serious advantage!

Curious about SEO and how to effectively utilize it for your own Website? This App covers the Do's and Don't's of Search Engine Optimization, how to advertise your business using FREE media methods that many businesses never consider! It's simply packed with great strategies for any size business.
Want to learn about Social Media and how to apply it to your business?

There are so many Marketing strategies covered in Action-Packed Marketing that for the for the price of a cup of coffee, you have in the palm of your hand, instant access to many of the Marketing strategies used by successful businesses all over the globe! Business a little slow lately? Launch Action-Packed Marketing on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and look up a couple of Marketing methods you haven't tried before. You may just find yourself working overtime!

What's Covered in Action-Packed Marketing:
Branding: Do people recognize your business? Server ways to stand out from the crowd.

Marketing Absolutes: Effective marketing requires a foundation. Here are several must-do`s that work!

Network Marketing: Simple methods for using Network Marketing to seriously boost your business!

Public Relations: Using FREE media to get the word out on your business. Great ways to advertise for FREE!

SEO: Inexpensive, effective Search Engine Optimization, tips, how to's and what to watch out for.

Social Media: Using Social Media for your business is FREE and powerful if done correctly.

Tidbits for Success: Several proven strategies, tips and tricks for maintaining and growing your business.

Website Strategies: If you have a Website, how to make it a foghorn for what your business has to offer!

Applying only a few of these Marketing techniques in your own business is sure to make a difference in your bottom line while staying way ahead of your competition!

We hope you enjoy using Action-Packed Marketing and wish you much success in your business!!

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