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Can you outfox Orbita AI? Solve mobile puzzles — without touching the screen!

Meet Orbita, an AI with a passion for puzzles. Orbita opens a new world of mobile brain teasers, making you use your phone’s built-in hardware features in ever more inventive ways. Orbita will be your host as you solve logical puzzles without ever touching your screen. Gameplay is relaxed and reflective, but don’t underestimate Orbita’s challenges.

Orbita AI features 40 challenges that will have you scratching your head. If you’re stumped, you can buy coins or use those obtained through gameplay to get a hint from your witty robot host. How you tackle these challenges is up to you. Use logic to solve abstract and interactive visual, mathematical or even physics puzzles and riddles! Unlike other touch, keyboard and augmented reality puzzle games, Orbita AI forces you to use your imagination and creativity to solve its enigmas and conundrums.

● Free play through a variety of levels
● Touch-free puzzles
● 24 levels with 40 challenges
● Unlockable secret challenges
● Elegant minimalist graphics
● Clever hints to get you back on track
● Bonus gifts unlocking hints and new puzzles
● A sarcastic robot companion
● Improve your memory, mindfulness and concentration


Choose levels from the map. Each level will have an animated screen hinting at the challenge’s solution. You’ll have to solve each screen to turn on a light bulb showing that you’ve solved the challenge.

As you solve puzzles, each node on the map lights up. Your objective is to turn on every single light on the map. You can unlock more challenges by solving puzzles, or getting creative with how you play the game. Orbita will reward a creative thinker gamers with free bonus levels.

Every puzzle and conundrum in this brain teaser game will require your attention and ability to think in 3D. Plan your moves, visualize flat images and this way you will find the solution. There is no time limit and no fixed solutions, so use your imagination to deal with all these levels! Challenge your brain with 40 interesting puzzles, as you making progress through levels, you will face more complicated challenges. Do not hesitate to use hints if you are stuck.

Your brain is your only tool here. Use imagination and all your mental mastery to find out how to solve all these riddles! This game does not have any buttons, so here is the hint for one of the logical puzzle: to give power to the lamp, try to connect a charger to your device! Test your IQ and find out how genius you are with these challenging logical games! This is not like usual crossword, math or trivia jigsaw game, it requires you to think “outside the box”. Unique mind-breaking tasks will help you train your brain. Become a logic mastermind and surprise all your friends!

You will take the journey to the deep dark Orbita subconscious, starting with simple and easy challenges, but don’t relax, some really exciting mobile puzzles, riddles and brainteasers are waiting for you! If you are searching puzzle games for kids or with solver, maybe this is not the best option. This puzzle game is for adults, absolutely for free. You will fall in love with this fun puzzle adventure mindbreaker game. We are sure that everyone will agree that word searching games, or casual escape the dragon or any other animal puzzle is too boring and you need something really mindbreaking to kill boredom at school, university or even at work.

This logic game will test your non-standard thinking, heuristic and deduction, your ability to make rational decisions, and will learn you how to use device in non-usual way, like interaction with flashlight, hardware settings, accelerometer, etc. Use your creative logic approach to find answers on all tricky and unusual questions and challenges. In addition to a mission campaign, the game also comes with special events like time-limited puzzles and quests.

Check out this challenging minimalist and relaxing puzzle game app that you can enjoy anywhere!

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