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Can you outfox Orbita AI? Solve mobile puzzles—without touching the screen!

Meet Orbita, an AI with a passion for puzzles. Orbita opens a new world of mobile brain teasers, making you use your phone’s built-in hardware features in ever more inventive ways. Orbita will be your host as you solve puzzles without ever touching your screen. Gameplay is relaxed and reflective, but don’t underestimate Orbita ’s challenges.

Orbita AI features 40 challenges that will have you scratching your head. If you’re stumped, you can buy coins or use those obtained through gameplay to get a hint from your witty robot host. How you tackle these challenges is up to you.


Choose levels from the map. Each level will have an animated screen hinting at the challenge’s solution. You’ll have to solve each screen to turn on a light bulb showing that you’ve solved the challenge.

As you solve puzzles, each node on the map lights up. Your objective is to turn on every single light on the map. You can unlock more challenges by solving puzzles, or getting creative with how you play the game. Orbita will reward a creative thinker with free bonus levels.

● Free play through a variety of levels
● Touch-free puzzles
● 24 levels with 40 challenges
● Unlockable secret challenges
● Elegant minimalist graphics
● Clever hints to get you back on track
● Bonus gifts unlocking hints and new puzzles
● A sarcastic robot companion


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Richard 3
I don't mind having to watch a video to earn a credit for tips. But to have me install a game that I'm not interested in, thus leaving me stuck makes this less appealing. Otherwise, it was good while it lasted. But I'm starting to lose interest.
Skittles 5
Honestly I've had a ton of fun with this game. Some puzzles seem simple but still throw me off for awhile. Some are quick, and some take time (bypassed by changing phone time). They're all very clever and a new way to interact with a game
Brian 2
Interesting idea, poor execution. The idea is that you solve puzzles without touching the screen. But when you try to move your phone and get no response from the game, puzzles become frustrating very quickly. Good puzzles react to you. Good puzzles give you feedback. Many of these puzzles are totally unresponsive until they are solved.
Aj 4
The game it's self definitely does take a different step towards normally puzzle games you may find. Some can seem difficult due to the lack of response from the game until you do manage to solve it or get on the right track. Very enjoyable tho
Thadeus 1
Wouldn't let me back out of the "Rate Us" light. Game says you don't touch your screen but that is all I have done. I was going to give it an honest opinion after playing. Played more, this game is trash. Hints don't help, half of the lights don't work or are impossible to maneuver my phone. I'd rather not give this game access to any features cause it's my data, stay our of my photos (which didn't even work after giving it access and taking a pic). I know it's a puzzle game meant to be a brain stimulus but some you just have to get lucky or it makes so sense... I had high hopes for this game
Mikesfungame 4
"Without touching your screen" is a little off as some puzzles require you to adjust settings on your phone, but I really like how basic the visuals are and that even color means something. Everything is a hint in its own way.
Swetanjali 4
It's a bit freaking game yet interesting when you get the catch... It's really hard at times to find the trick. By hard I mean really really hard. At first I felt as if the game is not working or something then I figured out that's how the game really works i.e. without the screen bring touched. All the best for the brainstorming.
Mach 4
It's a weird puzzle game, but challenging nonetheless. The controls make you feel like your hacking your phone and the narrator is a classy man. I want some story though.
M 4
The game is really nice but there is some bugs and when you are playing a puzzle game it's hard to tell if there is a bug or not I found some bugs by trying the game on another phone some levels didn't work on both devices like scan another player QR I tried to scan it but the phones just keep vibrating without completing the level
Evan 3
Ok game. Kind of confusing. I like that its different from all the other types of puzzle games out there
Connor 4
It's a bit confusing at first, but I'm getting used to it. It is a pretty cool game though.

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