Soccer Revolution 2018: 3D Real Player MOBASAKA

Soccer Revolution 2018: 3D Real Player MOBASAKA








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A New Generation Soccer Game. Officially authorized by Real Madrid Club.

Soccer Revolution 2018 was developed by Capstone, and adapted from Champions Manager Mobasaka, a game by Mobcast.

Soccer Revolution 2018 is an exciting 3D mobile soccer game in partnership with FIFPro, created for soccer fans across the world. With realistic gameplay and action recorded by real players, you will be front and center of each exhilarating match.

Hero Time - feel the thrill as you control the unfolding of critical moments, where the outcome of the game will be decided.

Officially authorized by Real Madrid, dubbed by Jon Champion of ESPN, with over 2000 real soccer players, state-of-the-art action capture technology, real action and hero times, Soccer Revolution 2018 is revolutionizing the game.

[Be the Hero]
When the critical Hero Time comes, you decide the outcome on making the choice to pass, dribble or shoot.

[Realistic Gameplay Puts You in The Match]
State-of-the-art action capturing technology that delivers unprecedented quality - putting you right in the stadium with your team.

[Professional Soccer at Your Fingertips]
50 plus formations and hundreds of tactics to be chosen to build your own playing style.

[World’s Best Players on Your Team]
Recruit the best Soccer Stars from the best teams in the world. How does it feel to be a manager of Real Madrid like Zinedine Zidane with C.Ronaldo, K.Benzema, G.Bale, L.Modric, Sergio Ramos and Marcelo on your team?

[Official Authorization]
Authorized by FIFPro for the latest player stats for a realistic managing experience.

We recommend using Android 6.0+ devices with 2G+ RAM to play the game. Due to the variety of Android devices in the market, the game might not be suitable for some outdated devices.

We currently only provide Customer Service in English. For any issues or suggestions regarding the game, simply contact us at
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The use of images and names of the soccer players in this game is under license from FIFPro Commercial Enterprises BV.
FIFPro is a registered trademark of FIFPro Commercial Enterprises BV.

Copyright ©2009 - 2017 iDreamsky All rights reserved.

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Eurostar 3
Game is okay but it is pay to win. When you reach 50000 team rating, if you dont pay money, the game will be very slow and boring. Teams who pay money will win prizes from Arena and events. Novice Carnival you can only finish if you spend money (1 mission you cannot do if you are not pro 5). If it was longer than 7 days MAYBE you can finish it without paying money. Also I did 10 5x Scout and 20 tickets with 4000 gems and did not get one SS card. If I spent money for all of that, it would cost 200 dollars. And no SS! This system is broken.
Matthew 4
Few bugs involved in this game. It's very addictive though. Enjoy playing it when I have time. Going through arena and champions league is competitive enough. 3 problems I have with it personally.. 1) my team rating is different in areas. Main screen I'm 41k then everywhere else that shows my rating I'm 44k..which am I? 41k or 44k? 2) the diving technique is broken..I don't have any players that use it..but when playing arena I've noticed opponents players randomly using diving. The most annoying was their striker got passed my defence he runs up into the penalty area. Then dives and gets a penalty. Only problem with that is no one was near him to make a tackle, let alone dive. (This dive keeps happening) So he scored the penalty and I lost the match. 3) career why do some of the teams in career go from 41k rank to 50k rank then back to 35k surely each match should steadily get harder and not just random ratings. Overall very fun game lots of potential just a few annoyances. From my own perspective.
Timothy 3
This definitely needs improvements in many areas of the game. If I see solid improvements in the next update than I'll give a better rating.
Top games just freeze at times but really good game
ian 5
Guys theres an issue with game it wont let me change my club name.
Logan 2
I really enjoyed the game, however after the update the title screen has become completely unresponsive. Please fix soon!
Ivan 5
It's simple enough for beginners to pick up but has enough depth for people who really wanna know what it takes to manage a team to enjoy it as well
Nick 5
Where all the events went 2?was trying do daily purchases but events are gone besides that first 1 for 0.99$goalkeeper.
ahmed 5
Probs thebest manging football game yet
Musta 5
I'm loving it. It's a superb work. Hope you will bring some more interesting features. Awesome game, having good features.
Oucho 5
i like it but the player not in there real team


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