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Description & Details

Rogue-like dungeon crawler where you create your own spells!

The magic, it calls to you.

Get ready for an epic roguelike dungeon crawler where you get to make your own spells!

The only weapons you get are the ones you design yourself. Name every spell you get, and your name will decide what kind of spell it is. Elements, strength, effects, all of it hinges on the names you give your spells.

Level up your spells as you explore, and use the magicite you find scattered around to create new spells. You can even fuse spells together to further customize your arsenal.

An ordinary high school girl wanders her way into a world of magic, monsters, and mysterious witches! Whether or not you can survive in this harsh but alluring world depends entirely on your creativity!

*Game Overview
A Magical High School Girl is an isometric grid-based turn-based roguelike RPG. However, unlike normal roguelikes, the HP system, experience system, levels, UI, and almost everything else has been reimagined to fit the theme of the game.

And most of all this is the first roguelike to offer an enjoyable experience for even casual players. But this game has many layers, and even roguelike veterans will have something to look forward to in the diverse systems this game has to offer.

The same combination of words will always create the same spell, so tell your friends about the spells you discover and use the knowledge you've hoarded to beat others in time attack mode. There's all sorts of ways to play!

*Ending Theme
The ending theme was composed for us by the highly talented みみめめMIMI. The ending song, "1 Meter" can be heard in both the trailer and the demo version of the game, along with the main game itself of course.

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Annie 5
This roguelike is really cute, fun and quite challenging. I love the spell-naming mechanic, thinking of spell names and knowing what you name your spell does affect how spells turn out (ex: having "freeze" or "ice" in the spell name phrase does bring out a spell with water element). My only minor problem is the lack of landscape orientation for the display, since I play with a 7-inch tablet for this. I think the controls are better suited for phones due to their smaller display. I hope landscape mode gets added, or maybe touch controls could be tweaked a bit to be more tablet-friendly... Those minor issues aside, I still recommend this game because of its quality and gameplay :)
PrehistoricPickle 5
At first i thought this game was amazing its simple with hidden depth. But then i typed kamehameha into a white magicite and you guys actually made it. This is the best game ever made

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