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A connection game merging art, relaxing music and creative design. It's free!

If your body battery is almost empty, ∞ Infinity Loop ENERGY is the perfect boost to power it.

From the famous ∞ Infinity Loop game, this connection game sequel takes you through a myriad of infinite levels. This is a new way of playing the Loop game!

This puzzle is a connection game that will challenge your brain and encourage your creativity by having you completing lighting circuits of bulbs, wires and lightning bolts.

This game is, in fact a mixture of 3 of our previous hits: Infinity Loop, Infinity Loop HEX and Current Stream.

The Loop ENERGY environment is very relaxing and interstellar, mixing a smooth soundtrack with beautiful puzzles which will blow your mind. In fact, this puzzle game has a lot to do with imagination, design, art, vision and metaphysics.

By connecting all of the wires with energy sources, small pieces of art will be created, which you can photograph and store on your smartphone. In Loop ENERGY your role is a kind of an art unlocker: once you complete the circuit, you discover the figure behind it.

The communion between the astonishing visual parts and the soothing music builds the perfect atmosphere to escape from stressful situations like traffic, subway rush hours or a busy work day. Described by the players as extremely addicting and challenging, Loop ENERGY will take you into an infinite one way trip towards a relaxing state of mind.

If you are looking for a beautiful relaxing game, Loop ENERGY is the perfect answer for your prayers.

How to play Loop ENERGY?

You will easily understand how Loop ENERGY works in the first levels as well as the purpose you will need to achieve. The apparent complexity is quickly replaced by clairvoyance and that is when fun begins! In order to complete the level, you have to rotate the objects so the energy can pass through them. When all the bulbs were illuminated it means that everything is connected and your work is done.

How many levels are there?

Loop Energy is based on a logic of never-ending levels. Knowing this, you will never get bored solving the same puzzles; there will be an infinite number of puzzles to solve and everyone will play the exact same levels: If you are in the level 1000 and someone else is also on level 1000, you will be both playing the same exact level.

Do I need to pay anything to play?

Loop Energy is completely free and you don’t need to pay for playing the game. However, you can remove the ads for the price of a coffee, ice-cream, muffin, pizza or sushi and enjoy a more fluid version of the game.

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Concept, development, design and copyrights: Badly Interrogated & Infinity Games.

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Bibs 3
The games concept is good. It's a good time burner and I do have fun! However one thing keeps me from wanting to play this for more than 3 or 4 levels at a time. I understand the need for revenue to continue development of a game but between each level an ad is played. When each puzzle takes less than a minute typically to solve a 30 second ad feels too long. While the game is 4 stars in gameplay the ads are a part of the game as well, and they are too bombarding. I understand you can pay to have them removed, but I'd sooner prefer uninstall.
Bradley 3
Really a great game but has a few issues. I understand the need for adverts, but having adverts with a minimum wait time of 30 seconds between every single level is a bit extreme. Have an advert every 3-5 levels or something that is easier to watch and move on quickly. It really breaks the flow. The other thing is the pacing of the game. One level has many complex components and the next level is as simple as 2+2.
Alex 5
Been playing loop for years now, once you get the hang of it, its not that challenging. But this game is excellent challenging, visually amazing, soothing music. There's an issue with audio while moving on to the next level, i don't know if its only for me. I've to enable audio again from the main menu. Overall an excellent game and keep up the good work guys.
Yessie 5
Infinity Loop: Energy, like many other Infinity Games apps, is a calming, fun distraction. Whether you're at home and bored, or at home trying to avoid your thoughts, or waiting for public transportation, or waiting at the doctor's office, it's a simple game - connect the lights to the power sources to win, yet it occupies your mind. I have not played much of this game yet, but I have many other Infinity Games apps and they all seem to be nice little escapes.
Greg 5
If you enjoyed the previous loop games, this one is a cool variation in gameplay. Relaxing but perhaps a little more goal-oriented. The premise is the same, but with a twist (route power through the lines to light the lamps - lines glow when power is present). This has become my new cell phone addiction game.
Steve 2
Way too many advertisers. You finish a puzzle and then you have to sit and wait for the ad. I know you need the money but a press it out longer. Let people enjoy the game. It is awesome without the ads. Do this because you want to not for the money. I would play this through level after level without the interruptions.
Awesome game play graphics and sound.. music is so meditative- often takes you into an inter galactic journey :) Game is both easy and difficult in certain levels... So actually it's a Zen yoga paradox.. very relaxing de-stressing and still stimulating... The best in the loop series.. Keep up the good work. Thanks to the team
Tiamael 4
Love the loop games and this one looks great too, but It isn't all too much different from infinity loop hex. Feels like they just applied a circuit theme to it. The lines just light up now when you're done connecting them🤷🏾‍♂️. But since it was the intention to merge previous games together I can't really judge it on how unique it is from the others. So, great game if you get bored of the previous ones and just want another loop game with a fresh look.🤙
Aniket 2
Good concept but lacks when puzzles can be solved without connecting all the pieces; multiple ads between levels that sometimes need a force exit. One time i even got an ad half way through a level - that's plain annoying. The game loses challenge quickly unlike the original one. Needs less intrusive ads and a few challenging levels for better rating.
Paul 3
This game has the potential to go from good to great if only the levels would become more challenging as you go along. I loose interest when I devote time to a game that doesn't continue to be challenging. Level #77 for example, is out of place. I have no idea how many levels the game has, but even by #77 the difficulty should exceed this challenge. I love this kind of puzzle game and would be delighted to give 5 stars all around if the challenge was such that it held my attention.
Hugh 3
I think that it's a great game it's just that it isn't that great late games im around the 400s and the creativeness in the levels just dies down. It was cool at first with faces and there's this one thumbs up one that was pretty cool but thats it. I think im uninstalling because i think im just wasting my time if i keep continuing.


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