Mobile Tracker: GPS Tracker, Cloud Access, IMEI

Mobile Tracker: GPS Tracker, Cloud Access, IMEI








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Location Tracker, IMEI Track, Kids Tracker, friend tracker, Geo track, Cloud


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Wife Tracker, Husband Tracker, Lover Tracker, friend Tracker,
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Benefits in Mobile Tracker for Android app,

* When the Android phone get stolen/lost, User can logon online with his/her credentials and track the stolen phone, without the user coming to know of he/she being tracked. Whenever the phone gets internet it start to send its location.

* When Android phone got stolen/lost, you can even delete files in the phone by sending “DELETE ALL” as SMS to your mobile number.

* You have to store your family/friends mobile numbers in the app and the SMS can be sent to those mobile numbers during Emergency situation’s. Online in your account IMEI number is sent along with user information.

Mobile Tracker for Android Features:

* Users can see their current GPS location address
* Mobile Number Tracker
* Provision to inform loved ones during emergency along with location

Steps to use:

* Step 1: Install Mobile Tracker for Android from Google Play.
* Step 2: Register yourself on app
* Step 3: Pick 4 Contacts and click save to store those contact numbers inside this app.
* Step 4: Goto help option and get our support if required.

How it works?

The app continuously send’s location in the background, without the user coming to know, the app begins automatically and start sending GPS location to online server after registering on the app.

Mobile Number Tracker Feature:

* Search any mobile number details from this mobile number tracker feature.
* Mobile Number Tracker provides complete information of any indian mobile number along with IMEI Number.
* Mobile Number Location can view in map

My Location Feature:

Mobile Tracker for Android Application has feature to display and share current location information.


If you required any assistance/guidance, click on support link given in help option and ask your queries. We will help you at the earliest.

Important Notes:

* Mobile Tracker App is helpful in tracking your loved ones. There are minimum step before you could start tracking.

* Mobile Tracker App uses permission to read the contact and make user’s to pick individual contact to store in the application and display picked contact numbers when user get in to this app.This App won’t use the contacts for any other purposes

* Mobile Tracker App uses permission to send SMS automatically when SOS button is pressed. SMS send by the application when SIM change/password recovery, will cost you money as per SIM card network plan. This App won’t use the information in SMS for any other purposes

* Mobile Tracker App uses permission to read phone state, to get the phone number of the device, current cellular network information and a list of any PhoneAccounts registered on the device. All these information included in automatic SMS.This App won’t use the information for any other purposes

* Mobile Tracker App uses permission to read/write internal and external storage, Which is the used to delete all the files in internal and external memory when mobile get lost from user. This App won’t use the information’s in memory for any other purposes and once deleted the memory information’s could not be recovered

* Mobile Tracker App uses permission to access coarse and fine location, which allows an app to access approximate and precise location, to display location in Google map. This App won’t use the location information for any other form

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