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BAZOO - Mobile eSport (By IsCool Entertainment) - iOs / Android Gameplay

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An addictive arcade puzzle game where you fight opponents in real time!

Good news for genuine mobile gamers: here comes BAZOO, a 100% skill-based mobile eSport game.

Time to unlearn what you learned about arcade games!
Get ready for intense and frenzied online battles in real-time with players from around the world.

Based on easy-to-learn arcade gameplay, players will have to master the art of chain-combos to launch mass attacks, take down their opponent and rise to the top of the leaderboards.

One thing is for sure: BAZOO is for genuine gamers and cold-blooded arcade fighters…

Join the community and get ready to fight!


* Match the blocks and learn the art of the combo: make your combination and trigger the fatal blow to send as many blocks as possible at your opponent!
* Create your unique monkey avatar thanks to thousands of possible combinations: hats, glasses, belts, weapons, etc. New items each week!
* Become one of the top players in your country, and try to be one of the World's Best!
* Join the Leagues to try and win one of the many prizes each week. Start in the Wood League and see if you can reach the Demi-god League!
* Take on your friends in Battle mode: organize tournaments and create your own rankings!
* Watch the best players live or catch the replays to progress!
* Chat live with your opponents and check out their stats!

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Latest Ratings

Andrew 1
The game is great but the customer support staff is garbage. Most can't type in proficient English and are condescending. I asked a simple question of how can we have friendly battles with our friends we have added. After 5 non English responses, I was told we have to pay for that feature and crest a tournament. Great business model lol
Allen 4
Long Story Short: Free To Play Tetris game that is extremely addicting and amazing with some good music. Despite the other bad reviews I played and am now hooked, you may or may not be, but try it!
mrevidence 1
Do not install... great game, but the matchmaking might as well be a random number generator. Im rank 870 ish and ive lost countless times to people in the top 200 or 100, and ive won ountless times to people rank 5,000. Truly suckish matchmaking. Will reinstall if it gets fixed, but judging that everyone has been complaining about it since release, prob wont get fixed
Corey 1
Match making is disgusting in this game... It literally puts you up against the top ranked people in the world when you're just starting... What a joke. Uninstalling...
The worst match making I have ever seen. I'm rank 2k and I have to play with people that are in the top 100
[NMG]OneFour 1
Mismatching, 5k ranked player, put up againist top 200 rank players back to back 5 times. ONLY SKILL BASED, LOL, MISMATCH BASED
Dick 2
It's for kids, young kids. There is some strategy involved, but not much. When you call a game mobile esports, one would think that they know that adds will only hold the game back. And then the matchmaking.. auch.. such a huge blunder. Oh when you have a menu pop up to ask if you wanna close the game, make it so it freaking closes the game!! If I ask you if you want coffee and you say yes you expect a freaking cup, right? Well so do we! Don't let it eat up memory in the background. All in all you wanna keep this on your phone for about two days, max. Unless you are 10 years old. But then your parents should remove it because you can chat with everybody and no way to report people. Too many things are simply poorly executed to give this anything more than two stars
Saeed 3
I feel as if the next blocks to fall are not random. For instance if you need a dog to come it won't come down until all of the bones are blocked
jesus 4
The home menu needs a bit of a work cuz it looks like Clash Royale, other than that pretty cool game
Yaxley 2
Matchmaking is screwed up and game is a little bit laggy, but a good game overall
Joh 1
Doesnt make sense and its so easy to lose


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