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All-in-one Free Network Tool: Network Booster, Speed Test, Hacker Detect & VPN

Network Security Master is the all-in-one professional tool for better network experience.
It can help you solve various issues related to network and Wi-Fi.
Small size but powerful functions.

-Have you ever been worried about your mobile’s security when surfing?
-Are you fed up with the poor mobile network and the slow speed internet access?
If you are looking for a tool app to solve these out, Network Security Master, an all-in-one professional tool, will be the best choice for you.

WHY you choose Network Security Master??? We have the followings for you:

► VPN Service:
- Free, secure, and fast connection to websites and apps.

► Network Security & Wi-Fi Security
- Detect insecure public Wi-Fi or phishing hotspots.
- Detect DNS hijacking, ARP spoofing and SSL hijacking.

► Network Booster & Wi-Fi Booster
- Limit useless Wi-Fi connections to ensure Wi-Fi speed.
- Optimize network speed based on user’s habits and big data.

In addition, this all-in-one network tool also provides you with:

► Network Protection: Analyze and protect Wi-Fi bandwidth for important apps.

► Speed Test: Detect Network speed, find network problem.

► Secure Hotspot: Turn your mobile phone into a secure router.

► Detect Wi-Fi Hacker:
- Monitor all devices connected to Wi-Fi hotspot.
- Remind suspicious devices and block intruders.
- Mark new devices, evaluate security levels.

► Data Manager
- Monitor data using, remind data limits.
- Real-time speed notification.
- Detect background apps which are wasting data and stop them automatically.

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Latest Ratings

Uhm.. I was forced to write a review for the app. The only reason I really for this was because my web browser said I have virus so.. Yeah I don't really know how it is yet because I've only had it for about 1 minute. So its cool I guess
David 1
This app uses those fake virus alarm ads to advertise their stupid app that does nothing, absolutely disgusting
Shania 5
I like this because it tells me if I need to clean up my phone.
Jack 1
I have many virus remuvers and I cleaned my device and it still says I have a virus
Nelda 5
I am new to this app. But safety
Davion 2
It doesn't have a specific section to delete the virus
Kamila 5
Thank you half of my virus is gone now :)
Too many adds & doesn't do the job right! Fix it!!!
Felicity 3
Okay. So I was watching anime, being the teenage dork I am, and an add thing poped up, saying that two viruses had been decteted and its still saying that. I downloaded this app. The one that was recomended and nothing happened. I'm confused as to why?
Elise 1
The app is okay. It seems just as reliable as other security apps i have tried in the past. But the thing that i don't like is the ads. I don't mind an app having adds. What i do mind is an app that shoves them down my throat constantly even when it is in just running in the background. Ads will lay over contacts, messages, games, my gallery, just everywhere. I'm sorry for the rant, but I've honestly have had it.
This app doesn't make sense! When I am doing something ads pop up telling me oh "you have a virus" and next thing you know I download the app minutes later ads still showing up making me download thousands of virus protectors. *sigh* This is retarded, dumb whatever you wanna call it.

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