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Description & Details

Smoother, better, RPG experienceWonder5 Masters is back with a splendid Reboot!

▶Game Features◀

★ summon, strengthen & collecting powerful SRPG’s Heroes easily in Wonder 5 Masters R!
- summon & strengthen your Heroes using materials acquired from Adventure.
- Make summoned Heroes more powerful through Equipment Enhancement and Skill Upgrade.
- Use Mana & Magic rush with summoners & upgraded Heroes.
- Enjoy various and continuous rewards sent regularly similar to an idle games.
- Organize your dream team from various classes (ex: crusader, magician, healer)

★ Enjoy a deeper SRPG experience through tactical choices and an epic SRPG story!
- Execute your tactics by dragging skills in Wonder 5 Masters R
- Be the Knight of Truth and save the world from the God of Darkness, Palimay.
- Strategize by using various idle heroes (from crusader to healer) for your tactics! They have different exciting skills!

★ Wider variety with several SRPG Heroes and 10 different game modes!
- Find the Hero that suits your tactics!
- Form and show your tactics by choosing 5 idle heroes (like crusader, magician, healer) to build a team in Wonder 5 Masters R
- Experience various modes like Adventure, Dimension Explorer, War of Honor, and Dimensional Predator which all users from sw can participate in!

Wonder 5 Masters R Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wonder-5-Masters-R-159735001275762/
Wonder 5 Masters R Plug: https://www.plug.game/w5m_cmn-en/

▶Required app permissions in mobile phone app◀
This app requires permission to access the following:
Reading phone status/contacts - Forming toggle for advertisement tracking analysis and push reception.
Saving picture/media/file: Attaching screenshot of install game file and update saved file to Customer Service.

▶Remove app permission method◀
- Beyond Android 6.0: Setting > App > App Permissions > App Permissions List > Choose to enable/disable
- Under Android 6.0: Upgrade operating system then remove the app permission or delete the app.
※ It is possible that the app may not ask for permission. Nonetheless, you may remove the app permission by doing the aforementioned method.
※ This game contains paid content for real money that can be purchased to enhance user’s experience. There can also be additional payments and possible limited based on terms and type of item.

You may check the game’s terms and policies by clicking these links:
- Terms of Service: https://www.plug.game/w5m_cmn-en/#/posts/11
- Privacy Policy: https://www.plug.game/w5m_cmn-en/#/posts/10

First Seen
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SOME Signals
Android Version
4.2 and up
Content Rating
Rated for 3+
Installs (Google)
10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

Chichi 3
Would give the game more stars, but they took 9.99 from me, and didn't give me my 4 star hero package. Customer Service is non existent. Still haven't heard from them at all. Will continue to play, but won't purchase anything else
Vance 4
It was a good game when it first came out and its new "R" type is good as well. It should be considering they are the exact same game. Sooooo if you played the first one and got darn near ALL the characters, this game is a bit of a slap in the face. And the fact that the 7th day login 4star character can be a STARTER CHARACTER YOU ALREADY HAVE BECAUSE HE IS FORCED UPON YOU (nobody likes the hoodie mage) is adding insult to injury. Lame, just lame.
abdulnasser 1
When i saw the reboot for this game i thought it was going to be awsome... but found out my old saved data didnt transfer over.. im not going to spend money and time again... 1*
Jesse 3
Downloaded game to play again but after 1 day it stopped working. :(.
HahJin 1
I want to play in Korean server but they don't have the server change option.
Charles 1
Where's my old game data? All that money I've spent and all the heroes I had gone for good? WOW.
John 1
Couldnt login for a week and now you delete my account. Well played
Kento 5
What's up with the daily maintenance? Can't play when I want to. U don't even put up a msg in the notice board to let us know what's going on or what time it would be back up. Games usually have a weekly maintenance. But daily? Smh. Nice game though.
Sianiviyanti 1
I gave 1 star because after updating the account keep looping and I cannot login.. last update, all my skin heroes gone even though I already upgrade with much difficulties because the shards only available from summon.. and the equipment for them also gone.. now I cannot log in.. what a let down.. if this problem persist, I might saying goodbye to the game...
Jonathan 5
I love this game for sure. But I hope you guys can do something about the match making in pvp since a lot of high level players are inactive and I get to challenge them in the arena. Which I think is unfair and a huge mismatach.
JC 1
Always full of update and Bugs.... Always updating i cannot play when i want too.... so i decided to uninstall your app.. Always need an update just to play with it.... Unlike Kings Raid they give big rewards that can help and easy to level up..... I plan to buy your events but when it says It needs Update again to play... Ssshhhiissshhh I loose my Temper already.. Always like that update here update there... When you Update and Be Downloaded again the Problem again its so difficult to log in... I gave up this up already and My Skin Heroes are all gone Now i become weak... I dont like the update from now im so disappointed in the update and in the Arena The New Arena now is so Embarrased you cannot even choose your Enemy when you want to rank up... I like the old version rather than the new one it become worse .. thanks only...


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