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An action-arcade endless runner! Retreat from the fire, compete with friends!

Action-Arcade Endless Runner! Retreat from the fire using skill and abilities, compete with friends!


Upcoming Fixes/Known Issues:

1. *SLOW CHARACTER* (can't reach past floor 30 because your Dude is running too slow? Then this is likely affecting you). For some reason we've been having issues with DeltaTime/ keeping the game consistent across all devices. This is a result of the UI system in our engine and we're currently overhauling the background systems to get you all at the same speed. We've only just caught this major bug as it isn't strictly based on older devices- it's effects certain processors/phones from certain manufactures.

2. *LAND MINE ACHIEVEMENTS* Upon unlocking an achievement, the player possibly flies upwards 10 or so floors and is killed. Fixed and waiting to be pushed live.

3. *PLAYER SPEED RESET AFTER CONTINUE* Fixed and waiting to be pushed live.

4. *JUMP BUTTON STOPS WORKING MID GAME* Fixed and waiting to be pushed live.

5. *ARROWS BUTTONS INSTEAD OF STICK* We're currently integrating this into the options so you can change it if you wish.

6.*HORIZONTAL ORIENTATION PLAY* If you turn your phone to the side then a new way to play. This is currently in and ready to be pushed live!



Have you seen any bugs in our game? Please let us know! With your help we can make Last Line of Retreat better! Join our DISCORD SERVER and work with us directly to make the game better for everyone!


Last Line of Retreat is a retro pixel style game that is barrels of fun.The Dude is a foot-soldier on the scorched battlefield from hell, he watches as the enemy bombers fly overhead, and let their cargo loose onto the ground below. He thinks quickly and goes to the only place he can.


Desperate times call for desperate measures.. Journey down as fast and as far as you can to avoid the fire’s wrath. As you descend down a floor you gain a point.Collect dog tags to unleash special abilities to help you descend further and faster.The more levels you pass through the more points you get. The game features plenty of bad guys and obstacles to get past. Compete against your friends and family to determine who has the best score. Earn rewards, medals, and special buddies to help you along the way.

Can you help reunite “The Dude” with his teammates and can you become the hero?

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Varies with device
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4.1 and up
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