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Description & Details

ALCPT is English ability levels test. Free Download!!! - w/ Small size

The American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT) Application contains the English ability test through different aspects of Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening, and Reading. The ALCPT Application consists of more than 50+ forms. However, we will be updated continuously. Each form has 100 multiple choice examinations with 4 options and is divided into 2 parts: Listening and Reading. All ALCPT forms are approximately the same difficulty level.

Features :
- Free Application
- Small Download size (5 Mb.) w/ an Online Database
- More than 50+ Forms updated continuously
- Notifications: English practice time warning you to practice the test every day to enhance your English abilities
- Guide on how to use ALCPT
- Show Highest Score
- Show Recent Forms
- Swipe Left and Right or Click the "Blue Arrow" to select the question easily
- Review and check your answers after ending the test
- Analyze your progress by showing the total score of each form in number, stars and change color of form's icon to green if you pass 50%
- Share the picture of your score on Social Media for beating your friends
- Clear UI easy to use
- Update the latest version Automatically
- Support translation by linking to Youdict English Dictionary App to look up the definition
- More our Free Apps button

Guides :
1. Make sure connecting the Internet.***
2. Press the slide bar on the top-left hand.
3. Then click "Select Form" to take the test.
4. Click "Play button" to play Audio and start to take the test.
5. Choose the best answer for each question.
6. Swipe to the left or Click "Blue Arrow" at the bottom for the next question.
7. Click "End of Test" to send the answers.
8. Your Score will be shown as the pop-up window.
9. Share your test score on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ...
10. Swipe Left and Right to review and check your answers.
11. Back to "Select Form" to test the other Form.
12. Or back to Home for other options e.g. Views the Highest Score, Recent Forms, Download more Apps and etc.
13. The score of each form will be shown in number, stars and change color of form's icon to green if you pass 50%.
14. Please rate us 5 stars if ALCPT is useful and share to your friends.

The instruction marked with *** need to be done before using ALCPT App.

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