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Read daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes based on Lunar Zodiac Signs in Marathi

Kalnirnay Rashibhavishya App is dedicated to providing horoscope based on 12 Lunar Zodiac Signs. The Hororscopes given are based on the users’ Lunar Zodiac Sign which is calculated on the basis of the birth date, birth time and location of the birth place. The Lunar Zodiac Sign is determined on the basis of the position of the moon in that particular Zodiac Sign at the time of birth.

The features in the Kalnirnay Rashibhavishya App are as follows:
• Daily Horoscope which is updated on a daily basis
• Weekly Horoscope which is updated on a weekly basis
• Monthly Horoscope which is updated on a monthly basis
• Lunar Zodiac Sign Calculator which lets users calculate their individual lunar zodiac sign based on birth date, birth time and location of the birth place.
• Widget can be added to home screen or any other screen for each Lunar Zodiac Sign
• Customization to change background colour and pattern as per user requirement and choice.

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Latest Ratings

uday 5
Just unbelievable awesome application. I just tried to find my star sign with the information I had with me and YES the answer was right. This is something you can trust on. Love it
Dragon 5
Nothing to say Use it and see by ur self Nice app
umakant 5
खूपच छान आहे ही ऍप जवळजवळ 99टक्के बरोब्बर आहे धन्यवाद कालनिर्णय टीम 👍👍👌👌
ajay 2
App like this when resorts to below dignity ads for revenue what else one can say
Yogesh 5
Everyone should try this out. Follow d advise on regular basis. Thanks Kalnirnay
Vishwas 5
A best App I ever downloaded. Thanks Kalnirnay
Roj negative bhavishya sangta tumhi positive pan sangat chala
Sharad 5
Gives direction in life well inadvance.
Nitish 2
Very good content. But app crashes every time I open it. Please fix it.
Yashwant 5
As per my opinion you take any bhavishya pridiction just for guidance. Otherwise kip in mind (1) Prarabdha (2) Punya & (3) Patrata in your mind . If you follow this rules in your life than no one in world make you unhappy. Work not only heard but quality work (1) Hard work will give you much less as per your expectations (2) If you have education and knowledge still you get much more then only hard work (3) if you have skills you will get multiple benefits & huge money as per your expectations (4) Even If you do not have all above said three things but if you have Ideas you will be on top and I always believe that "LEADER OF SUCCESS NEVER BEEN CROWDED ON TOP " DON NOT THINK MUCH ABOUT YOUR OWN BHAGYA , YOU HAVE ENOUGH STRENGTH TO CHANGE YOUR OWN "BHAGYA " DESTINY . OK. BE HAPPY KEEP SMILING NOW YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR ANY PRIDICTION. BEST OF LUCK. P.N.: IF YOU FIND THESE IS WORKING PLEASE FORWARD AND SHARE WITH NOT ONLY TO KNOWN BUT WITH STRANGERS TOO WITHOUT ANY KIND OF EXPECTATION IF YOU FOLLOW THESE RULES OF NATURE YOU WILL GROW BY ROKET SPEED. LOVE EVERY BODY JUST LIKE YOUR OWN CHILD YOU WILL MAKE THIS WORLD WONDER YASH×WANT D A L A L
Jayashree 5
Kalnirnay is always best...our best wishes to Kalnirnay Pariwar.. THANKS for this wonderful App..

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