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29 card game - twenty nine card game is the best addictive strategic game ever.

Twenty nine - 29 is South Asian trick-taking game in which the Jack and the Nine are the highest cards in every suit.

This game is usually played by four players in fixed partnerships, partners facing each other.

32 cards from a standard 52-card pack are used for play.
The cards in every suit rank from high to low: J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7.The values of the cards are:
Jacks 3 points each

Nines 2 points each

Aces 1 point each

Tens 1 point each

(K, Q, 8, 7)       no points

Deal and Bidding
Deal and Bidding are anti-clockwise. Cards are distributed in two step by four cards in every step.
Based on first four cards, players bid for the right to choose trumps.Normal bidding range is 16 to 28.
The bid winner chooses the trump.

The Play
The player to the dealer's left leads to the first trick. Players must follow suit if possible, and the winner of each trick leads to the next. Non bidder players must request trump bidder to show trump and bidder player must show trump before make trump.

After showing trump if any player can show Pair (K & Q of trump suit),the player’s team get extra 4 point.
If bidding side can show pair, they have to gain (bid - 4) points to win round.
If non bidding side can show pair, bidding side have to gain (bid + 4) point to win round.
***The min point need to win a round is 16

After end of a round if bidding side meet their bid point, their game point will be increased otherwise decreased.

If play round is in Double mode,game point will increased or decreased by 2.
Non - bidder side can set double after bidder bid.

If play round is in Redouble mode,game point will increased or decreased by 4.
Bidder side can set Redouble after non-bidder setting Double.

Game over
If any team can make 6 positive game points, they wii the game and lose if they make 6 negative game point.

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Latest Ratings

Prasenjit 5
12:14 am 26.12 Sound less game, that's I like most about the game . But Single Hand Play should be in game. 12:17 am 26.12 Just updated and got Single Hand Play, Great. 28.12 - double hand score is not correct, please update that. It should be two points for double hand
Rajeev 4
Found two things which is not correct when system loose the round their no are not changing sometimes. And the 2nd one pair showing option is not there. Rest this app is very good. For app will give 4.2 rating. Rajeev
Rafeul 5
Just got the new update of the game. Single play hand is added. It's awesome! Thanks for the updates :)
Mainak 4
My partner is beginning with a smaller card when the suit is being played for the 1st time. Then it plays the jack. This is counter intuitive to me because when the suit is being played the probability is very high that it will be trumped.
Manoj 5
I didn't get 2 rules of this game in this app. These rules are, 1. If I have all hands cards then I can play single and have to get 3 red point. 2. If I take double point that than opposite bid then they have 2 black point. Please update it.
Kuldeep 2
The partner plays like an idiot due to which i often loose the game.
Anik 5
Its very nice game...this is. What I need from 2011
Titu 5
This is the best 29 game so far... love it..
Chandmohan 5
wonderful game for passing time.
Ashikur 4
No,,, multiplayer... It should be added.
Sabir 5
As per my point of view it is great

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