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By KISS Limited Category Adventure Action/Adventure

Description & Details

Create your Creature. Work your Magic. Save the World!

Create and evolve your very own creature, the Pooka a magical shape-shifter of ancient legend. Craft and customise how your Pooka looks with more than 190 customisation parts and colours allowing for millions of combinations and styles.

Use and evolve your Pooka’s magic and enlist the help of powerful guardians to defeat your enemies.

Take your Pooka on epic adventures through the floating islands of Otherworld where all manner of fantastical creatures can be discovered. Heal and save the world from the encroaching Gloom, a darkness that spreads like a virus corrupting all that it touches.

Key Features
- A powerful and creative Character Customisation system that allows the player to create millions of unique designs.

- A unique Magic Customisation system that allows the player to summon magical characters.

- A sandbox style dynamic ecosystem for the player to interact and react to. Explore large intricate environments and complete quests for loot rewards and special items.

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Android Version
4.4 and up
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Rated for 3+
Installs (Google)
10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

Violet 3
Absolutely amazing. Best game I've played in a long time. It's adorable and has plenty to do. I'm in love! I have also suggested it to some family members to play. Edit: after rating this I received the shapeshift spell. The passages in silvermore don't work most of the time requiring i restart many quests due to inability to collect any items on the other side of the passages. I am therefore dropping from 5 to 3 stars. Fix it and I will gladly give 5 stars again.
Marissa 4
I wish I could keep the game but I have an older phone (Samsung S4) and the graphics seem to be too much for it. It's glitchy lol. Really wish there was a setting for graphics. It's just a really great game. I especially love the aspect of being able to recharge magic through Sundance. XD Also, I wanted my character to be more feminine, I hope in the future you can change the sounds. I looked like a cute girl cat who made obnoxious manly grunts lol.
Amy 1
2 things I have an issue with. First is that the animal holes on the first island don't work well. Second is the Gloomfang battle... No matter how hard I try I can't hit him, and when he's firing balls at me I can't destroy them. There will be so many on the screen all yellow or red and impossible to stop before they hit me. Fix the Gloomfang battle so it's actually passable and maybe I'll change my review
Melissa 4
Devs need to correct the screen glitches and lagging problems. However, the game is unique, engaging and interesting. You get a sense of doing something good, a meaningful purpose in your characters journey to dispell evil and to bring harmony back into the world.
LazyAnimeCat 3
Well I came to this game with excitement, from a friend showing me and I started it up! First I was into it, cute style, nice graphics, kinda creepy. Then it starts to lag a bit, not too much it was okay. Then, I'm getting bad glitches, texture messed up of mashed item images, lag got worse. Now I jus uninstalled hoping that it will fix it self when I reinstall it. Please get this review. I like the game andi would love to enjoy it without raging over glitches. ***Edit*** Well now I just got it on my phone! The glitches are gone! But the lag is 10×Worse.... At lest I've gotten to level three finally ;w; Also it keeps crashing when I go out to adventure.
Chloe 5
Absolutely love this game!!! Only problem i have is cant go through animal burrows in first world. Still love it but wish it was fixed. Dont have any glitches or crashes like others have said. Good job guys!!
Coleen 1
Awful. Opened it and all I got was a black screen so I can't even play it. Waste of time. Pity as it looked so good.
shawny 5
Great controls and wonderful story concept. Only ads when you decide you want them for more jems. Best game I've played in a long time and I play about 10 different ones a day in search of a great one.
Tianay 5
I love the game but sometimes I can't go through the animal burrow going to those secret islands please fix it cause I can't get letters when those burrows don't work ether that or make it to where the letters are on the main island only
Ruth 2
On first loading the game was amazing. I loved it however the next time I loaded it it was corrupted and I couldn't do anything. Very disappointed.
alchemic 1
I will up my rating when the menu graphic glitches are fixed. PLEASE FIX ASAP! I would really like to enjoy this game more.

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