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Description & Details

Enjoy your favorite Utano☆Princesama songs in this intuitive rhythm game!

Enjoy your favorite Utano☆Princesama songs in this intuitive rhythm game!

Meet the members of leading entertainment company Shining Production’s hottest new group ST☆RISH and the veteran members of QUARTET NIGHT. Communicate with all eleven stars, follow their behind-the-scenes lives in Story mode, and then take to the stage and help them deliver the show of a lifetime! Support your favorite boys as they aim for the top!

Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Features

- Play your favorite Utano☆Princesama songs anytime you like!
- Create your ideal unit and increase the Bond between the unit members!
- Meet all 11 stars anytime you like! Depending on the time you visit, he will say different things.
- Collect Photos and then unlock new voice clips, original side stories, special outfits, and more!
- Arrange your units any way you like. You don’t have to stick to the groupings in the story!
- Fully-voiced side stories!
- Increase your Bond with the guys to unlock new voice clips.
- Unlock Special Shots and high-quality Posters of your favorite stars!

Raise his Bond with you and maybe something special will happen on your home screen!

Spend everyday in your new life surrounded by 11 hot idols!

Want to know more about Utano☆Princesama Shining Live?
Check out our website for all the latest game news: https://www.utapri-shining-live.com/en/
You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter at:

Utano☆Princesama Shining Live is a completely free to play game that contains optional in-game items that require payment.

System Requirements

Amount of storage needed: 2GB
(We recommend having at least 3GB free on your device.)

Troubleshooting when App is Unresponsive
Please try the following if the app stops responding.
If the app starts working again after one of these steps, feel free to stop the troubleshooting process.

Restart the app.
Restart your device.
Tap the “Repair Data” button on the Title screen. (The screen that says “Tap to Play.”)
Delete the app and reinstall it. (Only do this step after making sure that your game data has been linked to another account. Tap “Other” on the Main screen then go to “Account Link” to make sure you have linked your data.)

If none of the above resolve this issue, please contact customer support.

This application uses the following middleware:
- “CRIWARE ™” by CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.
- “Live2D®” by Live2D Inc.

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Android Version
4.4 and up
Content Rating
Rated for 3+
Installs (Google)
100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

Afifah 3
I have a problem with insufficient storage, I can't download stuff because of that. I already move utapri to my external storage, and I have more space for that game, but I can't play it because that download stuff. Pls fix or give me idea how to fix this, thx.
Ilja 4
Love the boys, love the game, but pleeeease do something about the servers. Every single loading taking 7+ seconds starts to get old when you're doing supposedly easy n fast repetitive stuff like Moments or arranging a team.
Tobi 4
I really like the game but recently I haven't been able to play becauae when the intro is loading it says it needs to downlpad stuff. I'll let it download but it never lets me?? It says theres an internet problem or it just says theres an error. Help?
Rhiannon 4
I can tell that a lot of care and effort went into this game, and I have fun playing it! However, recently some of my taps haven't been registering when I play a live show. This is very frustrating because it will break my combo streak and I lose out on rewards. I tried flipping the orientation on my phone, and the problem persisted, thereby eliminating the probability of it being a hardware issue with my phone. I didn't notice if a specific update was the cause of this issue as well. I haven't been able to get a full combo on any songs since this issue started because there will always be at least one miss, even if everything else is perfect or great. This is an extremely frustrating problem. If it is resolved, then I'll play the game more again. But until then, I will play the minimum daily to get my login bonus, and that's it.
Tsukomi 4
Game is super great but I have so many touch screen issues. I'll hit a note and the game doesn't recognize it and counts it as a miss, making it hard to play. I've done touchscreen repairs and uninstalled/reinstalled and it didn't fix the issue.
Haruki 4
Been a fan of Klab's games for a while and I really love this game. The songs are amazing, love the interaction with the boys and I also liked that it's way easier to obtain URs in this game that you can get UR out of being hardworking during events (grinding those event points). But of course I wish them to at least fix errors that are carry over from their other games like Love *ahem* Live which is fixing the sensor of the tapping since it does not response at times... Also I really like to know if UR that is pre realeased in the JP version are able to obtain in the normal box in future? Since I notice events and scout box on both EN and JP servers are happening simultaneously (I love this arrangement btw) so I wonder we could still have the chance to get URs from previous scouts and events that already happened in JP? That's pretty much my concerns, overall it is a great game so if you're a fan of Love Live maybe you should give this a go! But prepare at least 2 GB of storage before downloading it (trust me you need it).
Courtney 5
I really do enjoy this game (so much so that I got 2 other people to play it too). The only real problem I see with this game is the events. In order to get anything good you pretty much have to play the songs 733 times within the event. And that's on normal and assuming you get S ranking each time (I do). I don't know about other people but I just don't have that kind of time within an 8 day period. The events should last longer. It almost makes it feel pointless to even try. I still have 578 songs left in order to get the picture that the whole event is based on, and today is the last day! Not to mention that I'm in the top 40%! I haven't got anything from this but live points and moon things. This is only my second event so I haven't been playing long, but it makes me feel like the events are useless and there is no point in trying. But I digress, this game is really fun and even if you are a causal player or decide to make this your career during event week, then I can see anyone having fun.
CuteTeaPie 1
It won't let me play the game I open the app and it says it needs to download something but I've tried for the past two days and it doesn't load pat 10% even when connected to internet or my unlimited data...
Alexandra 4
Please do something about the game errors. Everytime I try to buy a prism pack, the application crashes and then it tells me to update again. Compared with the other times it seems that it won't even let me get into the game anymore. It sucks big time and I tried everything I could think of it to fix it. I even got network error when my WiFi works just fine and so does my mobile Internet data. I hope it will all get fixed soon, so that I can play this game again and not lose all the progress I've done on that account and all the money I've spend on it.
Rockelle 5
Amazing app! Absolutely love and adore it! The graphics are really well done! I recommend especially if you like rhythm games and Uta Pri! Love that you can pick your favorite out of the group too and that they sometimes say sweet things to you! 😍☺️💕
UtaPri keep ruining my life since psp release in 2010. But I'm totally okay with that 👌


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