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Automation Settings(App Start/Stop, WiFi. BT. Earphone Event, Schedule, Profile)

Apps that launch and exit apps, connect (Wi-Fi, bluetooth, Earphone) events and automatically set the environment you set. You can also change the settings of the phone depending on the time with the scheduling and profile function.

✔ function
- Ability to change settings to user's environment by monitoring application execution
- Automatic termination and retention of other app conversions during app launch
- Time setting function with scheduling notification setting
- Change apps and settings when connecting and terminating events such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.
- Save setup profile and change settings at once, and launch launcher support

✔ Possible values
- Set up a Wi-Fi connection
- Bluetooth connection setup
- Screen Brightness
- Direction of rotation (force rotation supported regardless of app support)
- Automatic screen off time setting
- Media volume setting
- Sound mode setting
- GPS and mobile data setup (security setup permission is required using ADB tool)
- Hotspot settings
- Sync setting
- Do Not Disturb setting
- NFC setting
- Adguard, Poweramp Third Party Peristalsis
- Other Root privileges can be changed
- Data backup/restore

✔ Support Event
- Wi-Fi connection / disconnection
- Bluetooth connection / disconnection
- Earphone plugged / unplugged
- Battery charge plugged / unplugged
- Location enter / exit
- Root Command

✔ How to acquire the setting authority to use GPS, mobile data ON / OFF
- GPS and mobile data are secure and require security settings permission. You can not set permissions in the app. You can connect the PC to your phone and use the ADB tool to enter the following command in the command window.
(adb shell pm grant com.kmshack.autoset android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS)

- Reference

✔ If the setting is released during the execution of the app due to the original function when switching other apps, try to solve the problem by ignoring the system UI event and accessing the usage information.

✔ When do you use it?
- You can prevent Wi-Fi from wasting your mobile data by automatically turning on Wi-Fi when you run the YouTube app.
- When you launch the navigation app, you can automatically make the screen brighter and sound louder.
- You can also set the sound to be smaller automatically when you play the game.
- You can set it to landscape mode automatically when you launch a specific app.
- You can also set Bluetooth to turn on automatically when you run music app.
- It is possible to switch to silent mode automatically at work time of company.
- When certain Wi-Fi is connected, it can switch to silent mode.
- You can set volume size and music app when connecting earphone.
- When Bluetooth is connected, you can execute the set app.

This is the app that runs the set up or changes the phone's settings at once through connection events.

Please send bugs and inquiries to the following inquiry mail. Bugs should be written as much as possible so that they can be quickly resolved.

* Accessibility services are used in this app.

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Latest Ratings

Daniel 3
Import from profile causes crash. "Event-Location-ImportFromProfile-SelectProfile-Hit+" app then crashes. Please assist.
Asmaulan 3
Does as describe...thanks for making this app devs Edit: Now it's working partially. Profile change based on time schedule and event (location), but sometimes it didn't change even though the event condition is match (entry or exit). I notice that it doesn't support overlapping trigger profile activation. For example, I set a condition when I enter location (50 meters coverage) A, I want wifi (sound ringing, everything else left not set) is automatically activated, then I also have set at 11:30 I want sound mode switched to vibrate (sound vibrated, everything else left not set). What happen is, when I enter location A at 11:30, wifi not activated but sound change to vibrate or wifi activated but sound ringing. I always enable my GPS with high accuracy setting. Please fix it. I already exclude it in battery optimization and allowed to autorun on device start. Asus ZE552KL official unrooted 7.0
AssimilatorX 5
No need update for me. I say if its aint broken dont fix it. I stay with 1.5 that was working before. Stopped working after ver i not updating it anymore. 1.6 ver constajtly crashes on app start. The best i have thanks, only i want an app that can rotate my screen without i have the autorotate feature on when i using gps or xperia album. I hate when my phone rotating the screen by itself. Great app solved my problem. Like the neat UI and usable features please keep going. Also tried several apps just to delete them after.
Weian 5
Awesome app! They should provide a tutorial on how to Grant permission for GPS as it took me some time to get it set up. Also, please add a NFC function that would be great! Edit 10/18: app keeps crashing after update. Please fix!
Soumyakanti 1
The last update is making the app crash all the time.
Fares 5
I think this is the only app that can switch on/off location service without root. Good job
Kalle 5
Very handy app for simple automation needs! Easy to learn and use.
Hluvukani 5
Tried so many similar apps and deleted them within seconds but this one is definitely here to STAY. its easy to understand and all the automated stuff work as i understood them to work like.
Steve 5
Awesome, works just like tasker only simpler (perfect for my needs)
Chandan 5
Worked as of now, what i was looking for. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Naim 4
I've been trying to set an auto-toggle for mobile data which should be triggered when Wi-Fi is connected/disconnected in Event tab but it just won't work. Need suggestion.

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