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NFL Football Trivia games and College Football challenge: quiz your friends!

KoBro is full of exhilarating American football trivia games. College football or NFL fan? Challenge your friends or other football fans to a round of NFL trivia to put your knowledge up to the test, place a bet, and see who’s the biggest fan!

KoBro is a football quiz perfect for PVP against rival fans – the intelligence games challenge gives you a chance to add insult to injury after a defeat or soften the blow after a loss. There are a lot of American football games out there, but not many of them offer PVP football quizzes.

Wanna kick things up a notch? KoBro allows football betting on your quiz games – wager in-game currency in your games and claim your opponents’ credits as well as their dignity!

KoBro features:
- American football PvP trivia games;
- NFL video, picture, and text questions;
- Log in via social networks and challenge your friends to trivia games;
- Slick quiz game design;
- NFL trivia games;
- College football trivia;
- NO ADS to interrupt your football games!

NFL trivia in KoBro encompasses video, picture, and text questions. Video questions play a clip of some NFL game that the question is on and you have to guess the football team, player, or what happens next. Call it right and declare your football-related visual memory as legendary. In the NFL trivia picture question section, your job to guess the NFL football team or player, relying on visual clues. As for the text portion of the NFL quiz, it entails written, TV show-type questions where you choose one of 4 possible answers.

Find out who knows their stuff the best. Sometimes NFL fantasy football won’t do, and you’ll enjoy much more quizzing your friends on NFL trivia, college football stats, and other knowledge tests. The friends quiz lets you know who remembers the most valuable information on his favorite NFL team.

The NFL quiz features tests and quizzes with real value – the one who fares the best in college football and NFL trivia can give you precious football betting tips.

The Guess the Football Team challenge is the most popular NFL logo quiz, but that’s just too easy. Hardcore fans PVP each other in American football games where you can crush your enemies, see their credits sapped right from them, and hear the exclamation of their support.

Bet in-game currency in all out NFL football quiz PVP games with your rivals or have your friends engage in quizzes with fellow fans – either way compete like an American! KO your Bro in KoBro!

Climb through the ranks by beating your opponents in American football trivia games and settle the score as to who is the greatest fan once and for all!

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