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Speak your mind, safely, and freely!

Fandid gives you a better way to share your opinion, talk about your own problems, or just hang out and meet others!
You are fully anonymous; no one will be able to track your activity, or know anything about you, except if you tell them.
You can join groups to find similarly-minded people, or create your own and invite them!

The new update adds a whole lot of stuff!
You can now post pictures, message other people, and even skip the login screen!
Most if not all performance issues and bugs have been fixed, and the design is now even better. The logo is changed now too!
Tapping on buttons now takes you back to the top. And now you can load more notifications, not just the top 30. Same goes for groups, and the 'your posts' page.
The update should have been released 5 days ago. But what stopped its release is a huge bug related to images, and that have been fixed as it should be.

Additionally, keep in mind that many, many new things are coming soon, and I'm actively working on the app. And most if not all of your suggestions will be considered and thought of. Many of the planned features are user suggestions after all :>

Have fun in the app, and socialize freely!

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anthony 4
Love it. It reminds me of the old candid a lot. I only wish there was a way to weed out the under age nudity and trolls. Honestly if there was a way for adults to have adult conversations and children to have children conversations I would have rated this 10+ out of 5 stars. It's nice to be able to speak your mind and get other people's opinions on things that people are normally afraid to speak about.
Ryan 3
Decent app. But the chat function is awful. Pictures are so tiny, no way to block. No way to delete questions or chats. And atm it keeps saying it can't connect to the server
StinkBombTheGreat 4
Now, I love the app. It reminds me of good old Candid a lot. I have one problem though, we need a save function. Like a special page in the Me section where we can see what posts we've liked.
I 3
It's good, not the best, lots of crashes, but it's still in its early days so I'll give it that, but overall this is a very nice app and a good recreation of candid, however, as I said, it's still in it's early days so it has a loooong way to go before it deserves 5 state, because of all the crashes and image quality and not being able to save images and delete posts or comments or report posts or comments. But as I said, overall it's good. I'd rate it 7.5/10
Shan 4
I do like it, but is it possible for us to delete our posts? At one post due to faulty wifi, one of my posts turned into 12 copies
Name 4
Yes! You did it! :) Amazing work with the server and making it so like the original! A few bugs I've noticed, sometimes when I scroll through comments really fast, pictures get duplicated or are placed under someone else's comment. Also, I get crashes sometimes when I open the "My Posts" tab! But you're going on the right direction! Keep up the amazing work! :) Also, I suggest using more washed out colours in places where really vibrant ones are used, like the terribly blatant orange one, although the design is also almost spot on. Also, the ability to delete posts (or at least hide them) would be nice! And some sort of notification system, like the original had. Again, hands down, best replacement for Candid. What an awesome developer you are! :)
Jean-Luc 2
This app is terrible. I can be on a post, and I can be writing a message and it'll crash. It crashes so often, every minute or less. Fix that and it'd be fine.
I think its god just need some more smoothing and i wish you could download the pictures or gifs when people post stuff , but over all its a good ap and if it lives up to expectations and better than candid then i would love to see that day comin <3 also also pls make sure if you already join a group dont put em to discover itl make stuff easier <3
Hello 1
I was using the app for a few weeks and it completely stopped working a couple days ago. It's a new app so it was glitchy at its best, but now it won't even open
Cha 4
Good job! Almost perfect. I'm sorry but can you please consider these suggestions: . Option for owner to edit or delete the group created . Tab for viewing posts/comments we've liked/disliked that without we leaving any comment . Tab for viewing posts we've commented (either the comment has no reply or replied by original poster or reply by other user, like or dislike by us/original poster/other user, original poster/other user response to post after we commented) . Comment replied to specific user is posted/showed under their comment as sub comment, dont continue the reply as new entry comment . Option to edit comments . Option to edit posts . Option to delete comments . Option to delete posts . Option to sort from most liked/disliked posts we posted on "your posts" tab . Can you please delete or remove similar groups? If someone about to create group that similar category, prompt that such group already exist. But if same name but different content, ask to change group name. No group can have the same name. That's all I can think of now. Sorry if my words/English are confusing.
Griffin 4
A great nostalgic feel of candid in terms of layout and content, just no where near as much as candid had. Don't let the small community deter you though as anyone joining is a blessing to the snowball effect it needs to be like candid. Small quality of life updates would make this app better than candid Imo.

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