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Exciting gladiator fights are waiting for you!

Fight on the arena, earn fame, get famous. Exciting, bloody gladiator fights are waiting for you! Fight fairly 1 on 1 or try to defeat 10 fighters. 
Rest from the battles in the village, upgrade your skills, unlock new weapons and armor. 


1. Picturesque and battles
Due to well-designed animations and effects, battles look very cool, even on mobile devices! 

2. Battles with a few soldiers. 
Start your journey as a Gladiator against the same fighter as you. Win and get the title of the best warrior, fighting 10 enemies at a time! 

3. Boss battles 
Meet 1 on 1 with the best of the best! 

4. Stunning graphics 
Excellent picture, amazing light effects, change of weather and time conditions! 

5. Smart Artificial Intelligence. 
The enemies will try to surround and overwhelm you. If you hurt them, they will try to retreat, and their teammates to stick up for them. 

6. Open and living world 
In addition to battles you will see the area where the real life is, someone is sleeping, someone has a chat with somebody, where traders tout their shops. Buy yourself equipment and ammunition, have a peaceful rest while waiting out the night or sit by the fire and upgrade your skills.

Developer - Coming soon I release (PvP Fights, new locations, archers, vikings,
ragdoll physics, new weapon and new animation)
Thanks for playing!

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Latest Ratings

John 4
Saved up the 2500 gold to buy the best gear in a very small amount of time. The gear available for real money is more than twice as good as the best gear for gold, which is unsettling. Thanks for about 1 hour of gameplay, but the game ends after gear progression ends imo. Some suggestions: make roll cost energy, allow rolling in the villages, show enemy health bars, and add more gear for gold.
Izuddin 3
It's okay. Things get repetitive really fast. The hit collision feels weird. I'm not even sure if the weapon connects with the opponent. But they take damage. It's not a "Live open world" it's just a lobby with NPC's that dont do anything. Add more features to the game. More weapons, a dungeon to explore. Pvp. Open world maybe. The engine is good for this.
Disasterius 5
AMAZING GAME just please let me somehow get the higher level equipment and gear without having to pay real money and why is there a cap of 25 on the skill? I literally only care about the damage, but now I can't get any more because I hit the cap on the skill and bought the highest damage sword that you can possibly get without having to pay real money
hagenio 4
Well it is fun yeah, but it can be better. You guys could add more death. Like people decapitated or limbs flying off. That would be cool. More gore ;)
berat 5
would love it if there were different variety of attack styles and combos, and not just the same one. overall great smooth game. also a storyline would be nice aswell. i would greatly reccomend 10/10.
The game is great although a skill tree or atleast different types of attacks would be a great addition. A lot of fun, but not for very long.
Noob 5
Add more weapons like axe shield armors,maps,moves,co-op multi,pvp and monster like orc, trolls,undead,free roam open world where you can find loot in different places like caves and loot drops from boss also add animals like wolves and lion.
Khalid 4
Put quests and storyline Runescape-like and it will be awesome. And attacks are pretty hard to land.
jack 2
Looks good, feels good but......super boring and repetitive. Way too many adverts. Not enough to do to keep you wanting to play.
Luke 4
This game is really good but you should add power ups, unique swords, a bigger world, and afew more arenas
Syed 2
Shallow game. So many ads and in game transactions. It's to the point where gold is worthless when you should just buy everything.

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