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Namaste! Here We Are We are with The Indian Wedding Preparation & Rituals Game….

Namaste! Here We Are We are with The Indian Wedding Preparation & Rituals Game.

Enjoy the indian wedding and the rituals or formality Before marriage and after the marriage. Marriage is the union of two heart as well as two families. Here Legends Gaming Introduce a new part of Weddding Which is a Preparation & Rituals Before marriage and after marriage.

->Chatting View:
Before Marriage it must that bride and groom know each other,Understand each other as they will spend a life together so enjoy the talks which is done between a beautiful couple.

->Ring Making:
Rings Are one of the most Wonderful Ceremony in indian culture.Generally we saw a ring on the hand of couple after their enagagement as it shows now they are enagaged.Here Show your creativity in making a wonderful ring.make a most wonderful ring for your partner and than enjoy the engagement ceremony.

->Card View:
Make a Wonderful marriage invitation cards.Apply Different decorative items and make your card more beautiful..Give your blessings for the bright future of couple.

->Ring ceremony:
The engagement ceremony is an important pre-wedding ritual in Indian culture.Here Couple Exchange rings and .Enjoy the Ring Ceremony.

->Groom And Bride Haldi Ceremony:
Haldi is the Most Amazing Prewedding Ceremony.It Is Consiered As SHAGUN..Haldi Is Generally made using Different ingredients which is useful to make a skin looks more beautiful…IN Indian Culture We Believe It is used to make Bride’s and Groom’s Skin Looks more beautiful.

->Bath View:
Bride want to look more beautiful on her most wonderful Lets Give a gentle bath to her.and help her to look beautiful.

->Hand Mehndi & Leg Mehndi:
Mehandi Rasam is one of the most wonderful ceremony in Indian culture as well as it is considered as a SHAGUN in Indian culture.lets enjoy the Mehnadi Rasam of Bride and and Make a Wonderful Mehandi in The hands And in the Legs of bride. The Color of Mehandi Shows the Love Between the Couple..Enjoy the Wonderful Ceremony.Make A wonderful mehandi in Bride’s hand And Leg’s.

->Groom And Bride Spa :
Bride And Groom wants to Look most beautiful on their wedding day.Give A Best Treatment Of Spa As They will looks fresh on their wedding day.

-> Make-up:
-Apply Different Hair Styles,Eyelashes,EyeShadow,Blush and different Decorative items and make a bride looks more beautiful

-> Bride And Groom Wedding Dress up:
We have specially created unique Wedding Couple outfits to give Them a perfect beautiful and charming look!

-> Hands/Legs Decoration For Bride :
Chooda is a set of bangles. It is an important part of Sixteen adornments. This is one of the evident marks of a new bride.It is a belief that Chooda brings good luck for newlyweds and strengthens the bond between couple.Apply Different Types of Hand Accessories And Give Your Bridal Girl A Perfect Look.

->Hair Decoration:
Wedding Cant be completed without a wonderful flower decorations…Apply Different Gajra Designs in the hair of Bride…n make her hair style looks more beautiful.

->Doli Decoration:
Doli Is Used for Bride to carry her to mandap….Here We Will choose a WonderFul Doli Designs For a Wonderful Bride…We Will Decorate Doli With Different Decorative Items Like Flower,Clothes..

Each and Every Girl Have a lots of Dreams For her Wedding day Or a Ceremony.In Indian Culture a couple promised Each Other to Spend Their whole life with each other,,

Enjoy the Other Ceremonies After Marriage Like
->Ring Finding Rasam
->Room Decoration
-Food Making Ceremony
-Groom Back Massage
-Bride Back Massage
-Couple Bath
-Beach Dressup

Hope you all would like it! Let us know your suggestions/feedbacks, Feel free to contact us on!

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