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No. 1 famous Fantasy Golf game

The No. 1 famous Fantasy Golf game has gone mobile! Let’s have fun with LINE PANGYA in an all new Mobile version NOW!

Various modes and function awaits you.

[Modify/Upgrade Characters and Equipment]
Astonishing characters, costumes, clubs, and equipment. Choose your style and upgrade to become a stylish master at your game.

[Story Mode]
Participate in the exciting tale of new traveler group, Marr, Arin and Tiki on an adventure to purify the world from a curse that has covered PANGYA island! What will happen next? Who else will join them? Keep following their group!

[PvP Mode]
Compete one-on-one hole by hole with Real Time PvP System.
Let’s see who will come out on top!? And you can compete with friends to show how good you are!

[Tournament Mode]
Enjoy yourself with the 30-person competition mode! Show your skill, get rewards and aim for Top Ranking!

[Mini Game and Challenges]
Not enough features? We also have more Mini Games and Challenges for you to complete.

Transform into a wizard of PANGYA world! Use items and craft new costumes and clubs that you want! It’s gonna be a bit chaotic in the lab, but believe me – It’s Fun!

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Henggar 3
mmm... get myself hyped up actually.. brings back lots of memories.. but for god sake.. please fix the control.. i've played another game like this and the control is absolutely good. i cud barely hit "pangya" shot everytime i play.. not to mention the putt is quite difficult as well as u have to hit pangya... just make it like the way it was... the way we have reason to love pangya back 10 years ago..
Al 5
Actually I wanna give you 1 star. But the others already did it. So I wanna help you to give 5 stars since its not affecting overall score. LoL. This game is s**t, P2W too expensive (overpriced), pangya zona too small (please make it wider), lag (your ISP is s**t), character based but can only change characters 1 time/game (please make it to 1 time each hole).
Satryo 2
1. Please Be more free to play friendly. I actually pay the subscription, but i had concern player base will not stay for long 2. Please make it so player can submit ticket in-game to report bug 3. Please fix boss stage AI so that they will last 3 holes instead of losing on the 2nd hole and clear the stage. Do you expect player to make a chip in eagle every time they fight boss just to get 3 stars? With the way your control is, it is basically just luck 4. Please make it so if it really is a pangya shot, the shot will always have 100% accuracy. Whats the point on showing pangya shot if it is actually not accurate 5. Please make it so that any interaction on the field is actually helping player and not just push the ball to a bunker. With the way bunker works, its almost pointless to use the field device interaction or whatever you call it I love pangya and i am grateful for this game. I hope you can be better Cheers
Nareswara 2
Seriously fix the game mechanics! 1. PVP points rating! Why the hell you got 20 points for winning and lose 50 points for losing??? Even A 2:1 win lose rate wouldn't be enough to cut it. Do you really need people got to higher pvp class only by streaking 1000x win???? 2. WIND WIND WIND WIND WIND!! Why did my ball goes off while I make pangya shot and have 0 wind????? 3. Cannot beam the hole? I used tomahawk straight to the hole and the aztec bounce off lol what the hell? You cannot even create a fair game? This is not even Pangya anymore. 4. Why did you have to put accuracy bar for putting?? You'll making this game ridiculously hard will ripping off them their money for gacha. WHYYYYYY???????
marveriust 2
I love the old pangya game play! no need specific character to do tomahawk, curve, bomb, etc shots. And the big dislike is while putting at green, need to do pangya shot so the ball go straight dotted line (except if the ground is not flat). Another things is when I want to go to the character menu, takes a long loading time with alarm icon on it, it's like waiting a train in a bus station, the train never come
Zufar 3
Good game, good job for the developer to replicate my favorite game into mobile version. But unfortunately, the loading each time change of the course is really long, tired of waiting. The controls is really not that responsive. PVP games are really laggy. Peformance are really bad. Will not play pvp until the peformance get better
I really enjoy the nostalgia and was really excited for this. However, it's too geared towards cash players. Other than upgrading the characters, there are no items I can get with pang. PVP mode match up needs to be improved. We should be matched up with someone of a similar level so that the game is more fair and you have to work to win. No point playing against a higher level cash player knowing that they will win because they have better items and more power.
Lucky 3
graohically, this game looks amazing. I played he game on the first say it launched and had minimum problem with it. But wih the latest update I felt like the game stutters more that it is almost impossible to get a precise shot. Some items in the item shop are crazy expensive.
shin 3
Daily login reward is no worthed.. Pvp lag,. Putting ball extremely no accurate. Game is soo greedy expensive item and there is no free gacha ticket like other golf game.
Rendra 3
Why there is accuracy on putt... thats made the game too hard... and why there is monster in golf game, why not put it on bonus game or event games or else you name it.... the shop are too expensive.... I love pangya... i play it as refreshing from work because the game are fun and the character are cute.... but if it become too hard and difficult... i can't play it...
Ylmi 2
Items for upgrade hard to find. No ingame explanation to upgrade or enchant. Too expansive for items. No control ability to slow down pangya gauge. Pangs aren't usefully. Unlike old pangya, this game is confusing.

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