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Protect your park from being taken from you by the GÜSCO corporation!

The GÜSCO (pronounced goose-co) corporation is trying to take your park! Join forces with over 20 ducks and fight for your home in the quackiest game ever!

• Simple controls for anyone to pick up and play
• 24 ducks to unlock and fight with, each with unique attacks and animations
• 5 Areas with 40 different unique enemies
• Playful cartoon graphics
• 5 viewmaster-style comics
• Easy to learn, but hard enough for less casual players to enjoy
• Achievements
• No In App-Purchases!
• No Ads!

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4.1 and up
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dussel 5
I Loved this game I just finished this game after a few days and I don't regret having this game. Just fantastic work great cartoony graphics, nice duck animations, and good variety of ducks, with some awesome bosses and a nice twist with the boat mission. The ending is a great catch. I hear this game from a friend thank god I found it. Suggestion: this should have an update where harry flew away in time before hitting the ground and builds a fortress​ and you must take the fortress and his army down through about 3 more chapters. Idk it would be awesome though.
Ariel 5
A game like Battle Cats (gameplay), but with better graphics, a great story no adverts, no in-app purchases, and most importantly of all... Ducks!! I love it! 10 outta 10. =D Definitely recommend buying it to anyone who likes ducks! Oh. The only thing I would like is Google achievements. Hope you create other great games like this! :D
IShootUDie 5
So far I got to the wild west and it's really really fun! Still 5 stars but the white text can be hard to read sometimes. Other then that I love this game. EDIT: I found this game on one of those apps where it tells you certain apps have gone free its name if you want it is PAGF (PaidAppsGoneFree) but your game is amazing anyway :)
Albert 5
Very fun game, discovered this from PGAF. Just finished the game with OP speedy duck, wasn't expecting that kind of ending. Is the one hit intentional or buggy? Also minor typo for end boss dialogue. There should be stats for ducks in Almanac (dmg, hp, etc.)
Daemeaon 5
Game is acceptable. Humor on the mature side. Lol Dick Believe I also found on PAGF, with it being free on Google Play for a month. A 18 year old suggested it cause I saw him playing. Reminded of some old games from 2dplay I use to play like Age of War I believe was the name. Lol
Ben 4
Great game. Was quite short but entertaining throughout. I beat it in about 1~2 hrs. I appreciate not padding it with micro transactions and loot boxes. One thing I wish was in it was an endless/Survival mode. That would give me a reason to go back.
Mahmoud 4
Really fun and love that it's ready to unlock most characters without grinding forever or mictotransactions however the Gene is way too easy. Once you unlock the money speed upgrades you just wait upgrade twice at beginning before opponent can send out one enemy, send some weak stall right after, and complete upgrade and every game is win all golds easily
Chris 5
This game was a great break from the pay to play we see now in Mobile gaming, I enjoyed this alot. The story was cheesy but a good funny cheesy. I enjoyed trying out different teams of ducks, my only regret is I beat the game now I'm sad it's over. Make more levels, I would even pay for another or an expansion if it's reasonably priced
Hafidh 5
This is good and funny game, and the best part is I got this game by free (but it is legal of course). But sad I'm just noob. I can't even destroy the crane boss at level 1. Hahaha
K 4
Pretty solid line defense game. No ads no in game purchases/ micro transactions. Story mode and all characters can be unlocked in a few hours. Could use a challenge mode or additional, more challenging chapters, but otherwise a really solid game that actually had game play unlike the idle/clicker/tapper games flooding the play store. The comedy is fine, didn't always land for me, but was never cringy or meme filled so it ultimately worked; and there were a few good jokes.
Damien 5
This was a very good game, its feels like one of those old games where there are no in app purchases. But overall I liked the game a lot, so much that I spend 3 hours of my life just to beat it. The areas in the game are all good but I felt like the final area was a let down because it was way to hard without the endgame ducks but way too easy with the endgame ducks. The ducks are pretty well designed too, but I would definitely avoid buying some until you finish the area. I'd give it 5 stars.

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