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The last part of Joe Dever's best-selling fantasy gamebook series Lone Wolf.

Assume the role of a warrior of the Kai Order and shape your own story in this legendary fantasy text adventure!

The gamebook series which has sold millions of copies around the world is now available on your mobile device.

Gamebook is a type of RPG (role-playing game) where you shape your own adventure by choosing what your character will do next.

This app takes the adventure to the next level, allowing you to play through the gamebook without any additional accessories. Normally, you would need at least a pencil and paper to track your stats and equipment, but this is no longer necessary. This app takes care of everything from inventory management to random number generation, which means you can just focus on enjoying the story.

Joe Dever, a former Dungeons & Dragons champion, and the creator of the bestselling Lone Wolf adventure books and novels, has most generously offered to allow some of his books to be published on the internet free of charge. The series ended after 28 books and 14 years, and you can now enjoy the last 8 gamebooks on your phone.

This app could not have been made without Project Aon - a volunteer group of fans dedicated to publishing these text adventures online free of charge for everyone to enjoy.

- Create a unique character.
- Play in a modern user interface without the need for pencil and paper.
- Gamebooks 1 and 2 fully playable.

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elk 4
I'm confused as to why curing doesn't work? We should be gaining 1hp each new page yet it doesn't seem to work (unless we're supposed to be clicking something and there's no indication to do so). There's a lot of manual aspects that should be handled by the app (like curing, restoring HP, spending coins etc)
Lynz 2
Terrible interface for such a great book/ game. Having played the Kai books available by other app developers, this one needs vast improvements in comparison. (1) One should be able to click and view item descriptions (not just see item names) for available items and those you might buy. (2) It should automatically add/ remove endurance points, gold crowns, etc... not make you click to do so. (3) One should always be able to see their endurance points on screen and not have to change screens to do so. (4) If we lose a backpack item, show us what we lost! Don't just say we lost an item, we want to know what it was.
Nigel 5
Great new pathway into game books of my youth, easy to read background and font, on the second book now hoping the third in the series will be available very soon, don't hesitate re this app download it now it will entertain you for a great deal of time many thanks for a superb usable application.
Sutirtha 4
Great story. A bit clunky interface though. Looking forward to uodates
Andrew 4
Good idea and interface but it has crashed a couple of times- just recently on entry 280 after I've made a role. Anything I can do about this?
Sam 5
Wish you had given the earliest chapters of the saga before offering to the people these FINAL few chapters. However, the efforts you have made ARE worth ALL the praises!✌✌
Timothy 5
Brings back so many great childhood memories, and yet is somehow even better as an adult. Sooo grateful to the developers.
Natamazing 2
I wish i could give all the stars but every time i click to start the adventure the entire app closes on me. Until i can actually play, i can't change the rating.
Jeff 5
When will the rest of the books come out
the endurance points to be restored when curing must not be limited and player should be able to save his progress like in other kai books
Chris 4
Good story with a nice amount of choices

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