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Side-scrolling beat 'em up with single touch controls

Beat Street is the first beat 'em up with intuitive single-touch controls and is a love letter to the 90s beat 'em up genre!

Evil gang members are terrorizing Toko City and the citizens need your help. Use your fighting skills to fight your way through hordes of enemies to become the new hero in town.

* Single touch controls
• Story driven gameplay
• Unlock fighters with unique martial art skills
• Gorgeous handcrafted pixel art
• Retro music by Maxo

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4.1 and up
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50000 - 100000
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Latest Ratings

Scribble 5
AMAZING beat em up,my all time favorite type of gaming. Satisfying to play, great design and something specific I've been looking for since the Scott Pilgrim game. I'm down with the energy requirement, but for the love of God please cut it at least in half. 10 minutes is waaaaay to long. I would gladfully pay for this game in full without that setback. Amazing controls. With one thumb I can fluidly walk,dash,punch/kick,air kick,charge a special attack, grab and throw enemies and more. It all feels solid and you are in complete control. This game is SCREAMING for controller support though. I hope it comes soon.
totocise 3
As of recently the app is almost unplayable after about 5 mins of play. Lagging is a big issue and force stopping is almost making the game unworthy of playing. Love the style of games and absolutely love everything else about it. Just need another update on the new Tower mode. Maybe also the attack range too, slightly frustrating having to chase after someone because you literally missed them by a half inch
Silviu 3
Good game but plagued by a few issues. On my phone it constantly crashes most of the time at the end of the level. The second issue that I have is with the videos...if I don't want to see a video for double coins don't force me to see it for no reward. Other than that the game is fun and I would recommend it if not for the crashing (again, you may not have this issue)
Carlo 4
I really like this game. Smooth and great looking. The action is pretty sweet. I get the idea being a one tap beat am up but can we at least get the option for an on screen d pad or analog controls? I think it would be neat for the people who can't get used to the controls like myself as quick. Would still have the ability to enjoy the game without as much struggle.
Justin 4
Brilliant!! The only flaw is the evolution cost. After I spent so much time gathering 20 hats I have to spend 200 gens just to use them? Thats cruel and unnecesarry.
Etheric 5
Simple retro game is dope. Like the fact that you could play with a friend and beat down the bad guys. This game I for those who can enjoy the retro styled games, with kick ass "beat em up" moves!
A 2
I did enjoy the game very much. I like the retro River City Ransom/Final Fight raphics and game play. However, playing games as such back in the day. You didn't deal with in-game purchases and pay walls. The game should've been a one time payment. It's an shame good games like this one. Are being plague by in-game purchases and pay walls. It completely sucks all the fun from the game. Uninstall....what an waste....
Dhirodatta 3
Though the control of this game trying to be more innovative side, its actually more on clumsy side 1. U try to adjust your Character to a bit sideways, his all priority becomes to 'grab the enemy' and take a beat down from every side 2. No matter how badly surrounded you are, while standing on a weapon, it's priority becomes to pick the weapon up, and may be die in the proess Fix pleasee
John 5
Fun, classic side-scroll beat 'em up. Controls are bit too touchy though, I keep jump kicking when I don't want to, lol.
Gear 4
Very good game but it randomly crashes. Also texts disappears and picture disappears more.frequently. My phone is Huawei G Play Mini. I like this game. And I am willing to spend some money but it needs to be in working condition.
Blue 5
This game is very fun, best free to play game there is thats arcade like. And 2 player co-op with more characters on the way. Feels like a game worth. Reaching the end. Including good boss fights that which later turn into regular bad guys.


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