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Phone version. Connect your Android smartwatch with your phone.

Connect your Android smartwatch to your phone so you can receive notifications of your selected applications, incoming call information, make a call, manage music playback, , send a file from the phone to the smartwatch, and more.

Not compatible with Android Wear.

How does it work:
Install "Watch Droid Phone" on your cell phone.

Install "Watch Droid Assistent" on the smartwatch.

Verify that both devices have bluetooth activated.
Enter "Watch Droid Phone" and select the name of your smartwatch (the list only shows synchronized devices)

After giving permission to manage the notifications of the phone and select the applications you want to control you can respond the same from the watch.
In the options of the application of the phone you will have the possibility to modify your predefined answers, to eliminate or to add.
If the notification has the possibility of being answered the button will appear to be able to select one of your predetermined answers or the possibility of doing it by keyboard.

When you enter a call to your phone the watch shows you the data of the call, with the possibility of rejecting it.
After setting the fast call buttons, from the watch you can dial the number for a call from your phone in the following ways:
* Select the configured contact.
* Dial a number with a keyboard.
* Select a watch contact and dial the number.

In the music option you can:
* Open the default player on your phone.
* Skip the theme, pause or play it.
* Raise or lower the multimedia volume of the phone.

Share files:
* Select the file to send.
* Select the location on your smartwatch.
* Send your file.

Special thanks to Pavel Zeldin for support and testing.

Translations in:
French Jean Pierre
Hebrew by Pavel Zeldin
Italian by Meloc1
Russian Алексей Закарьян
Slovenian Trener Nogometnih Vratarjev
Turkish Ersan YILDIRIM

Testing and feedback
Al Rod
Walter Siedschlag Jr
Sergio G
Kyle Swfor.

The application is under development and testing if you have a problem and want to inform it please send an email to

Version Beta
Unify the appearance of icons on all devices.
It incorporates the option of size of the texts in titles, notifications and buttons. This way you can enlarge or reduce the size of the texts in your smartwatch.
Handling all music players.
Support for Rtl screen layout.

Version Beta
In notification possibility to vibrate, sound, turn on screen.
Select white reading background with black letters or black with white letters.
New integrated keyboard for response.
A new button with options appears in the notifications:
Discard and eliminate.
In calls possibility to select vibrate, sound, leave screen on.

Version Beta
Optimization in notification delivery.
Improvements in the selection of applications for notifications.
Synchronization of notifications between smartwatch and telephone. (When the notification of the phone is discarded it is automatically deleted from the smartwatch).
New option if the screen is on, the notification is not sent.
Battery percentage information on the phone's screen.
New option to send a file to the smartwatch.

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4.0 and up
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Latest Ratings

Steven 5
Wiiwear and Sinwear was a bust for my LES1, I gave up on the watch until I found this app. Now my watch is great again. A few bugs but has been working like a champ. The only app that works. I hope they add all of the features from WiiWear like the remote camera.
The app is still in development, sure, but it does not let you receive text messages or notifications from my favorite social apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. Please, keep working on this! It's going to be great, but you have to be sure it is compatible with all of our favorite social apps!
Prabakaran 5
Fentastic app. Connect in the first attempt to my allcall W1 watch. Very easy to connect. Call and music player control is working. Messaging options are not yet set. Thank you developer.
Soim 5
Thank you so much for making this app and also answering question emails. You have saved me and my smartwatch with it. Please, keep up thr good work!
Rolande 5
Thank you for creating this app. It works perfectly with my DM368 Plus. I tried quite a few other apps and this has been the best.
Lucian 5
Works great! Can you please create the option to reject a call and send a quick response (predefined sms), it would be very helpful.
Sun 5
Good app, power up the Amazfit Pace Watch! Replying Whatsapp message on watch is great.
Andrew 5
Best alternative to the unreliable wiiwear/sinwear. Good job guys!
Mike 1
Won't connect to my watch 0 starz
It works fine. Hope it will have more features over updates.
Andrew 4
Great app, looking forward to future enhancements.

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