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Buoy Data and Tides

View real-time NOAA/NWS NEXRAD radar imagery and satellite imagery from NASA's GOES satellite network!

We've tapped into NOAA's HF Radar System to bring you real-time and averaged currents data for many popular coastal cities around the US! NOAA uses High Frequency radar to measure wind speed, which indirectly provides a measurement of current flows up to the first 2.5 meters of the water column. Simply turn on the overlay on the map and you can visualize current intensity and direction.

You can learn more about the HF Radar system by visiting the NOAA website from the Settings page in the app!

Features Include:
* Real-time marine weather buoy data
* 6-hour historical wave height and energy trend reports
* 7-day hourly NOAA WaveWatch III forecast model
* 7-day hourly harmonic tide forecast
* 48-hour tidal current forecast
* 5-day National Weather Service marine weather forecast for point locations and weather zones
* Detailed NWS Forecast Discussion Reports
* Sunrise and Sunset times
* NOAA Severe Weather Reports
* NOAA HF Radar System for visualizing currents around many coastal US cities
* NEXRAD radar imagery and precipitation predictions
* GOES visibile, water vapor and infrared satellite imagery for the USA

Real-time Data Includes:
- Primary and secondary swell height, period, direction
- Spectral wave energy density (wave energy vs period)
- Significant wave height
- Wind speed, gust and direction
- Air temperature
- Water temperature
- Pressure
- Sunrise/Sunset times
- Current NWS Alerts

6-hour History Data Includes:
- Primary and secondary wave height, period, direction
- Wave energy, period, direction

7-day NOAA WaveWatch III Forecast Model Includes:
- Hourly swell component predictions (1-6 swells)
- Accurate wave height, period, direction predictions

7-day Hourly Harmonic Tide Forecast Includes:
- Interactive tide graphs
- Hourly tide predictions
- Current tide

48-hour Tidal Current Forecast Includes:
- Interactive graph to represent speed of the tide, in knots
- Hourly tidal current predictions
- Current tidal flow

5-day NWS Marine Forecast Includes:
- Text summary forecast
- Weather, sky, wind, waves
- Click any point on the map

Sunrise/Sunset Times Includes:
- Astronomical Twilight
- Nautical Twilight
- Civil Twilight
- Sunrise/Sunset
- Solar Noon

Real-time Radar and Satellite Imagery:
- HF Radar Real-time current flow velocity vectors
- HF Radar 12-hour averaged current flow velocity vector
- NEXRAD Composite Base Reflectivity
- NEXRAD Base Reflectivity
- NEXRAD Echo Tops EET
- HRRR Reflectivity Forecasts
- GOES North America, Hawaii and Alaska Visible
- GOES North America, Hawaii and Alaska Infrared
- GOES North America, Hawaii and Alaska Water Vapor
- Hybrid-Scan Reflectivity Composite
- 1-Hour Precipitation Forecast
- 24-Hour Precipitation Forecast
- 48-Hour Precipitation Forecast
- 72-Hour Precipitation Forecast


Please remember that this app can only show data the buoy collects. Not all buoys collect weather data. Not all buoys collect wave data. This app will display all data collected by a buoy.

This app is primarily designed to focus on buoys that display the most complete package of marine weather data (waves, weather, forecast, tide etc).

If you notice a missing a buoy, please contact me first rather than leaving a poor review. If you are correct, the buoy can be easily be added to the cloud database.

Lastly, please feel free to contact me with questions, feedback, feature requests and bug reports at

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