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Real life train simulation

Have you ever dreamed of being a train engineer? Train Simulator PRO 2018 will let you drive carefully modeled locomotives leading passenger or freight trains across the eastern half of the US. Whether you like fast passenger locomotives or powerful freight movers able to pull dozens of cars, in our game you will find it all. Whatever you choose, you will have to watch out for speed limits, rail crossings, signals and other trains. Plan your route wisely to maximise profits and create the most powerful railway company in the US!

During your travels, you can admire photo-realistic graphics including cities, suburbs, factories, countrysides and many more. Each locomotive includes a carefully-rendered engineer’s cabin with working levers and gauges for maximum realism. However, you have to be careful as driving recklessly or pushing the brakes for too long may damage the train. So put your engineer’s cap on, and let’s get rolling!

Main features:
▶ Almost 1000 square miles of terrain
▶ 15 cities to explore and choose job from
▶ 6 unique locomotives
▶ 14 detailed cars (3 passenger and 11 freight)
▶ Locomotives and cars damage system
▶ Locomotive cabs with interactive levers and gauges
▶ Dynamic weather and day/night system
▶ Other trains and traffic on roads
▶ Photo-realistic graphics
▶Advanced signaling and speed limit systems

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Luke 4
It's a fantastic game. But I have one big issue. When I have a really long train if I go across a crossing, no matter how many times I sound the horn it gives me a fine for not sounding horn because my train is too far away from the crossing but my carriages are still going past it. I now have minus 50,000 dollars because of this. Please fix it
Maciej 1
Total rip off. Not only you have to pay to buy the app but inside the game your train gets broken and you need to pay with gsms and coins to repair it. Of course the 💎 are not for free. Total rip off. Nice graphic though.
Crazycat 5
Love the game but who else noticed that the horn is copyed off of trainz plz fix that but over all really good game the graphics are so real plz add some steam trains. Make it so you can ring the bell. Really great game.
Andrew 4
I would give it 5 stars but how come we can't sell the cars? I would like to sell a few of mine cause they take up space
Jai 5
GREAT AND VERY ADDICTIVE GAME BUT Why you can't combine 2 locomotives back to back. Please also add something that you can sell the unused locomotives and cars. Thank you very much for listening and I hope you fix that soon :) .
Southwest 4
This is a pretty awesome game except there are no steam locomotives, can you please add the Union Pacific Challenger 3985 the Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 and a couple of steam locomotive. And more passenger, freight and caboose cars that go with the road name an Thank you.
Alan 5
It's a really good train simulator it's looks amazing but the controls are to small there should be a option to make the controls big or small and it's hard sometimes to read the wording for next jobs please make the wording a bit bigger too. Please also add a new UK map thanks.
Jack 5
This game is awesome but like someone else said can you please add a bell for departure and approach of station and for railroad crossings please and also to get another locomotive it cost alot could you please do something about that and soon
TheOntariotransit 4
Ok so the game is great. I just have a few requests, for the Bombardier coaches and the mp36ph locomotive. Can you change the paint so they match? I know you cant add logos but if u could put them in caltrain paint that would be amazing!!! Also for the Bombardier coaches, since they are commuter type cars the last car on the train should have a cab. Basically when you get to the end of the line the driver leaves the locomotive and goes to the last car, better known as the cab-car. Add This as its unrealistic without. Maybe tapping on trains is easier for operation. Add small towns with stations in between major cities for this commuter service. Add a electronic bell to all trains. All cars should have couplers but the Bombardier coaches dont, add that please. Thanks! This is really needed as its unrealistic without these things.
Ryan 3
It is a good game but as others have said most times on loading there is no direction line to follow which makes it difficut when trying to pick a track into a station. This is my only issue with the game but a few more stations would be good.
Jayson 5
Strongly recommended best Simulator game on the market and it's a really fun game I've been looking for this kind of game for a long time please keep up the good work I hope you have more updates coming out because it's really cool.


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