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Build your Euro Truck empire & play the most advanced truck simulator for mobile

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It's time to start the engines. Huge trucks and European roads are waiting for exploration. Drive, sleep, upgrade, deliver, fight exhaustion and try to always be on time. Gain experience and unlock new shipments, trucks, and upgrades to improve your payout. Be the best Euro Truck Driver!

With 18 European cities, 10 countries, endless roads and highways Truck Simulator PRO Europe is the first choice for each simulation fan. Endless customization, painting and upgrades options, advanced economics with assistants, fatigue system and hunger and above all breathtaking 3D graphics guarantee fun for hours of gameplay.

- 18 European cities and 10 countries to discover
- 6 trucks with different driving models that you can customize and upgrade (more coming soon)
- Over 30 different types of shipment to deliver
- Breathtaking open world to explore
- Realistic fuel consumption and fatigue system
- Expanded customization
- Realistic speed limits for each country
- Hundreds of different quests
- Detailed interior view of each truck
- Hire additional drivers to expand your trucker empire
- Realistic modes including clutch and steering wheel
- Experience system with perks

If you're a truck simulator fan don't hesitate any longer. Start your euro truck adventure, download now!

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killer 4
I took a chance with this game. Thought the graphics looked too good on the screen shots. But it does look as good. Just make sure you've do a device maintenance before playing or it will lag a bit. Needs an option to get rid of arms in the cab view. When resting and eating, that should be one parking spot. Stupid eating then moving over to another spot to rest. Xbox one controller compatible would be sweet. With button mapping 👍. Custom controls with option to resize controls and make mirrors bigger. More trucks. More trailers speed cameras that we can see. Or even a parked police car with an officer with a speed gun would be nice. Apart from that it all good.
paul 3
Graphics and gameplay good. Steering controls are abysmal. Nigh on impossible to steer correctly using the steering wheel which i prefer. End up zig zagging when driving in a straight line. Steering on truck pro usa is far superior. If u improve this ill improve my rating
Good game but there are a few roads with a gitch on it that won't let u pass it or drive on around the Milan area and the ranker trailer won't let u make sharp turns for some reason any change of fixing this
Jamie 4
Can you make it so we can move the brake pedal next to the gas pedal in cockpit view also speeding fines are random you can speed for a while before actually getting a speeding ticket speed cameras would be better also a larger range of trailers maybe some random special cargos that show up now amd again and the assistant delivery time is far too long
Ryan 1
Uninstall it. Cause x amount of problems with my device. Same thing happened with train simulator too. Camera just kept lagging.. and eventually had to reset my device just to get it working again.
Jack 4
Pls dis game is good but abit lagging and d lite need to come up more !!!!
Chuck 5
Best truck sim I've played in the store!
The game is good only items that need improvement are lighting at night and the Ai vehicles sometime turn without warning causing an accident also getting delays from Ai vehicles having accidents stalling the scenario
swapnil 5
It's great to play, but need some more options like parking lights left and right indicators at once, manual and automation gearbox please make it good...
Ultraman 1
My screen just turned into a black screen.and I wasted my 600 mb &MYR 20.00 just for that .Whatta wasteful time.
kevin 5
Would like to see UK added with ferry or euro tunnel crossing.


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