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A turn-based multiplayer strategy game with fast-paced duels and deep meta-game.

Sharpen your sword and join the fray in IRONBOUND, the turn-based multiplayer strategy game where you use your wits to prevail in fast-paced duel matches.

Online games last between 5 and 10 minutes and reward strategic thinking as well as quick tactical decisions. Familiar gameplay makes Ironbound easy to pick up, while rich character customization options give you plenty of opportunities to refine your play style and surprise your opponents.

Choose the hero that matches your style: the aggressive Berserker, the resilient Crusader, the stealthy Assassin or the cunning Witch. Use the gold you gain by playing to upgrade your character and buy better equipment.

With hundreds of weapons, shields and magic trinkets to choose from, there are countless tactics to devise and master in the race to outsmart the other players and rise to the top of the multiplayer ladder.

The Arena is a separate game mode where players fight using one of 12 predefined item sets, ensuring an even playing field regardless of the performance or time spent in ladder games.

Use a single account to play on all your devices. Cross-platform multiplayer is fully supported.

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4.4 and up
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Rated for 3+
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10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

Jonas 3
Nice Idea. But needs work, connection service is AWFUL! No way to come back to battle making we loose all the gold after a 'lost connection with the server' message (No. My internet was working fine.) NEED A RECONNECT TO BATTLE! We have to wait HOURS to find opponents in the ARENA just to ''lost connection with the server'' and loose all gold! Put computer opponents, whatever! Need new features, modes, give my 6000 gold back!
Jeremy 5
This game used to be good, now it just tosses overpowered AI at me. Parry does nothing, because it almost never triggers. Most of the things with a percentage don't trigger for my characters, yet magically trigger almost all the time for opponents. This game was good, but the last few tweaks messed up the balance.
Pol 1
I like this game but I already lost 3 ranked games due to connection lost. It is not my internet connection problem since I can play other online games smoothly. Please fix coz I like this game.
A 3
Connection problems...lost many online matches due to the server connection problem. Waste of time till it is not play till it is fixed
Dawid 4
Disconnection loses game... Too simple strategy.
Ilsunny 1
When you get the full gear in 2 days theres nothing else to do but fight bot in pvp which is out of 20 guys only one is a real player.
Nexus 4
The game is amazing. I wish that this game had more tokens in each deck so that the out come wasn't established just by Wich cards you had in the first 5 rounds. The idea of establishing gear as an item of excessery Wich grants game states Wich you can spend your hard earned game gold on was a nice twist to these kinds of games. More characters, that maybe unlock as you progress in the ranking system, would be an easy upgrade many would enjoy that play this game. Maybe a priest and or dragon tamer. All and all it's a good game that is actually better than the wizards of the coasts attempt at putting magic the gathering in the app store. Wich I don't think has seen an update in years. I'd hate to see you guys do the same thing and abandon this game. Maybe try a novelty item p2p sets to pay for comercialing.this game is wounderful. It doesn't just have potential it also has class.
Mike 5
Fairly awesome game I just discovered! Much like another great game (Elder Scrolls Legends) there are a million different combinations of strategies and tactics, and half the fun of this addicting game is discovering those... Much more RPGish than ESL, in a few hrs of having this app on my phone i'm already figuring out that the addicting gameplay is gonna be robbing me of sleep for some time to come! Btw a warning to all...heed the devs advice and play thru the practice tiera first! You will need the knowledge (not to mention the cash for upgrades) if you want any chance vs the cutthroat multiplayer!!
wrong 5
This is my favorite game. Love the feel of this game. It's new, so plenty of room to grow. I think this game has the potential to be one of the greats! I can't put it down. Still a few bugs to work out... But I look forward to seeing how far this game goes...
Jace090 5
Wow. It feels like a Hearthstone variant but minute the minions. And since it has no premium currency, everything is available to everyone!!!!! This whole game is just refreshing.
Matt 1
I wanted this game to be good so bad. It's riddled with bugs and broken combinations. All of that adds up to super frustrating game play. I wouldn't play this


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