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The world’s most popular music trivia game Music Quiz now comes in a multiplayer version: Music Quiz DUEL!

Listen to clips from thousands of songs and guess the correct artist or title as fast as you can.

Challenge your friends or play with music fans from all around the world! Score the most points to win!

Loved Music Quiz? You'll love to challenge your friends with this addictive music quiz DUEL! This app will make songpop everywhere and every time ! Will you guess the songs ?


- Facebook friends: Compete against your Facebook friends and climb the friends' leaderboard !
- Music Quiz players: Challenge a friend or a Music Quiz friend to show your skill
- Random player: Already beaten all of your friends? We still have thousands of players waiting for you !


- Test your knowledge in dozens of genres: Today's Hits, Classic Rock, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop Pop, Indie, Latin Hits, and more!
- Get free playlists, tailored to your music taste.
- Collections for every decade: 2010s, 2000s, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s and more!
- New music & playlists added every week!


- Discover new music and find your favourites on Spotify.
- Share your favourite songs with your Music Quiz chat buddies

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Ian 3
It's a terrific idea, but the app is so tight-fisted with its features that it spoils the game play. Virtual currency must be spent to choose the playlist genre, otherwise you're stuck with little more than Rock, Rap or Latino. Unless you happen to know which Spanish-language songs are big in South America, you're not going to have much fun in that genre. The emphasis is also on very recent music, so anyone over 30 is going to struggle with a lot of this. Songs also come around much too often, because the song inventory simply isn't large enough. Too few questions is a problem with quiz apps in general, but this one suffers more than most. The worst problem, though, is the aforementioned stinginess. The app demands a purchase for nigh on everything: extra lives, ad removal, statistics and new playlists; and it never tires of badgering you to purchase via annoying pop-ups. €12 to remove the ads and get 5 lives? €36 for unlimited lives? Get real, please. The playing economics of the game are also askew, demanding unrealistic amounts of in-app currency to do even the simplest things. I'll be playing out my games in progress and then removing the app from my phone.
Jessica 4
Bug Crashes way too often shortly after opening the app. Can't access anything.
Leslyn 2
Keeps forcing me to post scores on Facebook A big NO NO
Beatriz 5
Music dueling love it! Can connect to Facebook and others without logging in and out. Good music! Able to download to my device. Doesn't take that long to load and has no problems loading so far!
Tara 5
Love it It's very fun but could you please make a Shawn mendes playlist I know a lot of people that have this game and would love a Shawn mendes playlist. Thx
Shaun 5
Awesome Fun to play and awesome music variety
Resita 3
cihuy this games was good overall
It's amusing before I go to bed
Sheileen 1
Don't waste your MONEY!! If there was a ZERO, That is what I'd rate this!!!!! I got this from App of the Day for free and they gave 100 coins. That gives you 2 choices!!! AND I had to use it to choose the SAME category TWICE!!! That lasted all of 30 seconds if that!! Plus it has REGENERATING lives!! If it was ALL free I might keep it. But HELL NO!!!! All they want is your money every 2 seconds!!!! Unless you are independently wealthy - DON'T BOTHER. MONEY GRABBER!!!!!!! Instant DELETE!!
Abdullah 2
Still not getting the 5 lives This is the second time I have downloaded this app through app of the day, and every time it says free max 5 lives, but still only gets stuck at 3 lives. [UPDATE] Had to create a new account that was not my Facebook account. Is there a way to connect the accounts?
HN 3
very fun! BUT sound notifications are annoying I can't turn off the sound notification when it's my turn. I like to be notified with a message in the top menu, but not hear that sound. Is there a fix for this?


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