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20 / day

By Masukachi Inc. Category Adventure

Description & Details

My sweet angel is a real angel and more!

My sweet angel is a real angel and more!
Her angel power has been stolen by an evil scientist! Restore it and set things right!
It’s the prequel to Ultimate Kept Man Life, featuring the father from when he was young!

Common Questions
Q. Why is the background AP/S the way it is?
A. This is in order to keep the game balanced. While the app is closed, AP will continue to increase for an hour.

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Android Version
4.0.3 and up
Content Rating
Installs (Google)
50000 - 100000
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Latest Ratings

Drake 4
Cute, silly game, with a strange but cute premise... Your girlfriend is some kind of celestial doppelganger, able to change into form after form one you find and collect her mystical orbs... Will you find them all before its too late? Will you get to ask for her hand in marriage? Play to find out!
Daina 5
It's SO weird...I LOVE it! Only downside so far is the hero's WEIRD (in a bad way) hair. It looks like a bird mergwd wit h a helmet and glued itself to his head. It bother s me WAY more than it should, considering it's just his hair...
Rozaline 2
i rate it because im gonna uninstall this. its for future purpose. if i ever stumble around this game over my playstore again, i'll see this and stop my future self from downloading it. thanks for the game. you did a good job dev. its just not my type of games. sorry for the rates.
Dominique 5
Another great idle game by this company. I love them all, this one may be the fastest yet thanks to the ranking system. Cute art and ridiculous story. An interesting prequel to the equally ridiculous Kept man idle.
Dixie 5
Another amazing game. The story is funny, my favorite scene is the Magical girl scene. One little thing that bothered me was the first scene, specifically the "I am a University of Tokyo Student"
Narissa 5
Very cute. I have some issues with the gameplay but nothing major. I just with the costs weren't so extravagant between upgrades.
Kane 5
This company has no equal. The games are unparalleled. This is no exception. Play it and be amazed at what it has to offer and what you have to learn about the universe...and yourself. You are not prepared.
rootbeerluver2468 4
I Loved it, could've worked a bit better on the grammar aside that I found it really fun. *SPOILER* Personally I found the ending a bit lacking, I know it's prequel to ultimate kept man, but I just feel like there could've been more to the ending.
Ricardo 5
I'm so loving this game. It's always fun playing this game from the beginning and now I get to see a little bit of a story in this one.
Specter 3
It was cute but honestly thats the only thing really going for it it's just a standby game that takes far to long to get to the next level and has no other real motivation PS doctor science is the worst bad guy name I've ever heard put some effort into the writing.
Ivan 1
Game is full of ads and extremely incomplete. Ignore all of the fake paid for positive reviews and take a pass on this one.

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