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Save the world with your Valkyries in this next-gen 3D mobile action game!

New Chapter: Sakura Samsara ONLINE
Next-Gen 3D Action Game, Unique Battle System

New Update -- Sakura Samsara!

[Game Introduction]
"Honkai, the mysterious power responsible for destroying human civilization countless times, has descended upon this beautiful world once again…” With the lands now flooded with deadwalkers and Honkai beasts, a group of girls bearing the burdens of despair continue their fight onward. Will there be any hope of clinging to survival?"
Honkai Impact 3 follows the story of Kiana and her team's resistance against the Honkai. In an epic adventure of saving the world, the experiences of the Valkyries—Kiana, Mei, and Bronya gradually unfold. Players will play as Captain of the warship Hyperion, commanding each of the unique Valkries in their fight against deadwalkers and Honkai beast around the globe. Players will progress through various stages, experience different storylines, and fight together for all that is beautiful in the world!

[New Features]
--- [Soul Awakening]
Miko's soul has been dormant for hundred of years, but has now awakened in Mei's body to exact her revenge.
New Soul Awakened Valkyrie -- Yae Sakura enters the fray! A-rank [Gyakushinn Miko], S-rank [Goushinnso Memento] join the battle.
"I have a promise to fulfill... and no one will stop me!"

--- [Sakura Samsara]
A small village with Sakura flowers drifting in the wind, telling the story of the Samsara that Miko Yae Sakura wasn't able to escape from.
How do you face someone who was once your ally? How does a fighting Kallen escape from the claws of Fox Hellmaru?
This time, her fate lies in the Captain's hands...
Something was found in the casks of Yae Village, something called [Higokumaru], known to be cute, cute, and hmm... cute. The story of [Demon in the box] will be told in the Sakura Samsara.

--- [New Equipment]
Siegfried, Cecilia, and other brand-new stigmata are now available to help you fight back the [Honkai] menace!
Ice Epiphyllum, Sakura Blossom and other brand-new weapons are now available in Battleship Hyperion's armory!

If you encounter any problem while playing Honkai Impact 3, please contact the support center in-game and send us your feedback!
Customer Support Email:

[Honkai Impact 3] Official Website: http://asia.honkaiimpact3.com/
[Honkai Impact 3] Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HonkaiImpact3rd

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Nero 5
It's great! But... could you please put a replace Facebook with Gmail instead? Facebook recently has been tight with their security and i can't be sure if my account would last long even though i invested too much in this game... so please, developers. Here me out on this. Not just me, but the whole community that supports your game. Make Honkai great again then ever before seen. Thank you.
Khai 5
I love this game so much , especially on Yae sakura valkyrie♥. And very nice animation. If you can, pls reduces a price Diamond. is really expensive for me. Plus, can you make it some stage we can farm a Diamond in future?? is really hard to get some diamond more. and pls make a variety item shop for Gold instead using Diamond, i felt useless with many gold in this game. I hope this game is more interesting and can buy more valkyrie's fragment by using gold in game in future. I know is Pay to win in this game, but please think for it for better in future because this game has potential to going up.. Good luck Devs Honkai Impact 3 I love this much game and thank you so much for Yae Sakura character ♥
Dio 2
All is perfect, EXCEPT my girls appears FACELESS T3T) THIS NO SLENDER GAME TT3TT) The gameplay is simple, yet the combos and mechanics are depth. The graphic is good although the size is pretty small. The story and voice actors is good also. Hh is ASUS Zenfone [UPDATE] not longer supported in my phone, even though I can download it from playstore but unable to install it. Constantly force close in open world. Bug in the new stage. Hope fix is coming, love this game. Without the bugs and glitches of course
Soni 4
I'm impressed. This is a very decent game for a mobile game. If only I can give something like a 4.8 for some of those minor issues. If I may suggest, please do some camera settings. It might be just me, but I sometimes wish I could turn off that lock on or made it so the lock on will move the camera behind the character. And maybe a switch-able lock on where you won't accidentally switch targets when the enemies are so close together. These are the things that's not so bad, but it does affect my experience that I had to put 4 stars. Like I said, if I can put decimals, I'd put 4.8 score on this.
Pocholo 5
Everything is just perfect. (any kind of flaw, issue, and bug can easily be overlooked since the developers are constantly updating the game for fixes and additional content. And this is despite. Being free to play) It's visually stunning; the framerate, gameplay, and the animations are simply impeccable, mechanics - easy to learn, and so far, it has a decent plot. This game retains it's mobile game antics with it's collectibles and microtransactions, and yet somehow managed to still become awesome. Truly a must-have for ARPG gamers.
サラザールオルセン 3
This is one of those moments when I thought "I really liked your game! But damn, it has a fatigue system..." The thing I despise in online video games nowadays. I mean, I know where this is going and all I get it you people need money, 'Cuz seriously, who doesn't? But the thing is, you can earn money if you took different turn in this game without having a fatigue system. I can't be playing a game that limits its players in gameplay hours.
Jerard 5
Whoever reads this, delete every online game in your device right now and download this one game. Overall, the game is beautiful. It immerses you to the world. The story is beautiful, easy to follow, and it's like watching your action packed manga. It's a JRPG/Hack 'n slash for your phone. However, unlike it's competitors on the platform, the marriage between the game play/mechanics, the visuals/graphics(including cutscenes), (very important) the story, and soundtrack are perfectly balanced in such a way that they make each aspect stand out. Breath taking. The energy system is fair. It won't take you long amounts of time before it replenishes. Plus, the game is so good to give out lots and lots of energy for you to play almost endlessly. They have lots of quests for those who don't use cash much or buy in game currency. But in the event that you need to, it's a fair exchange. The amount of space it will take up on your device is well worth the sacrifice. I don't really write any reviews so easily, but this game is just so good I have to give it its due. Thanks devs for an awesome game.
Randell 4
It's a great game. Controls are easy to understand, the graphics is great and I love the options for it. After the latest update it feels better and looks better too, really love the changes. But the open world has a some bugs like the creepy Yae and for some reason one of my quest enemies spawned below the ground.
Billy 5
Best game to ever happen on mobile devices. It's been a while since I've played a game on my smartphone since I always play on my gaming console. Now my ps4 is starting to collect dusts. Just 1 issue that I have is after the January 10 update, the game keeps on crashing non stop. There were even times that I've completed certain missions and I was about to get my rewards then the game crashed. Not so sure if I got my rewards. Please patch this version and fix the bug that makes the game unplayable. Thanks!
eko 4
Well this is the best game i've ever played on mobile so far. Nice graphic, voice actor, storyline. The downside for me is that this game lack of player and devs. interaction. No forum for player to share at all. They just have ai that will answer your faq, without any ability to answer advanced questions. If mihoyo can provide a forum site for this game i will give 5* as soon as possible.
Haeri 4
Hey! I really love the game but, there's one tging that is kinda way out? Everytime I open the game after having a long break like an hour or something when I enter it, the game screen just freezes then I have to restart the game again for the second time, then that's when I can only get into the game, this thing happens to me all the time, I don't know if the problem is with my phone and wifi, or it's with the game, but overall I'm enjoying it. :)


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