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Microsoft Face Swap lets you Search & Transport into fun & inspirational scenes.

Search & transport yourself into fun & inspirational scenes using Microsoft Face Swap app. Free, no ads, just faceswap. Just take a selfie, choose a scene from your camera roll or the web, and swipe through your results. It’s so easy with the power of search and the intelligent face morph tech. Use Face Swap photo editor to tweak & tune face stickers, face warp or apply blend filter.

Featured by Cnet.com, TechCrunch, Forbes, DailyMail, NDTV and many others:
- “Packs some powerful face recognition technology.” – cnet.com
- "Part image search engine, and part photo editing toolkit" – TechCrunch.com
- “Swapping is about to get more sophisticated" – DailyMail.co.uk
- "Works automatically, and doesn't require any Photoshop skills" – NDTV.com
- “Both fun, and something of a technical marvel” – betanews.com

There is always something new to swap face into. We frequently update our categories, and the web never stands still.

- See yourself with a new hairstyle
- Try on different fashions
- Pop yourself into trending scenes
- Search for trending faces to swap
- Swap multiple faces on a group photo
- Put your friend’s face onto some funny pictures
- You can swap faces into any picture.
- Add fun face effects, filters and face tune images you share
- Swap face into cartoons, famous posters, and animals

Choose a picture:

- Pick any photo with faces from your camera roll
- Search for photo from web right inside the face swap app
- Choose a scene from one of our fun categories

Choose a face to swap:

- Take a great selfie using our special camera with face swap live hints and instructions
- Pick a photo from your camera roll
- Face search from the web

In order to swap face app uses sophisticated face swap camera engine:

- Match skin tone (or any tone...Try a stone statue!)
- Automatically find faces in images and place your swap
- Match lighting conditions
- Match head turns and tilts
- Process and place multiple faces in a single scene
- Easy and super fast face changer

Once you start searching and face morphing, you won't want to stop.

New features recently added:
- Upload images from camera roll or gallery to photo swap
- Face clone to all faces in a photo
- Save photos on device and/or share it easily on social platforms like Microsoft Skype, Snapchat, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp and Twitter.
- Enhanced photo editor functions to tune faces and blend filter
- New Gif create experience shows face swap live experience
- New photo collage, picture in picture, and photo booth share templates

Microsoft Face Swap app is a Microsoft Garage project. The Microsoft Garage turns fresh ideas into real projects. Learn more about The Garage at: http://microsoft.com/garage

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Android Headlines

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Latest Ratings

Rafal 1
This app worked well before one of the latest updates. I cannot add a new face no matter how I try now. Some previously added faces seem to work but only when sharing. Fix this or the app is useless! When it worked it deserved 5 stars.
Cron 1
I used to love this app on Windows Phone, where it allowed to swap your face with other people in the same picture or even other pictures on your phone. Now you can only swap faces with predefined pictures. On top of that, all pictures are sent to Microsoft for processing. Such a shame.
Praveen 1
This app was working well before but since few months it keeps crashing. Was expecting that it will be fixed in future updates. But nothing has changed and its time to write a review.
This has been a great app from the start - but to see each improvement made each week is amazing. So far all the changes have made the app easier to use and more fun. Now that the features are starting to increase, I use this app more than any other. So fun! (Below is my original review) Really fun to see my own face swapped on to random World Leaders. Just wish there were more sample backgrounds to pick. Lot of laughs- app even captures glasses well. 10/3/17 Whatever the update recently added was made it impossible to recognize faces - even the ones saved I'd used hundreds of times before. 5 star app before this, now I can't use... What happened?
Brent 1
Notifications are becoming obnoxious and they can't be turned off in the settings. App is fun but notifications need to stop or give options to disable.
Shashwat 3
under ddos? looks like your recognition service is not running (at least for Indian servers { if there is one here} )
Chris 1
Totally useless. Doesn't matter what photo I use, it rejects it. Utter garbage.
prabhuling 5
Awesome And the newer version is fantastic... It's going fantastic. My suggestion to the developer is that they should provide photos for swapping of people standing near cars , animals and wonders of the world!!!!
Chad 1
Dumb. You have to take pictures with the app, you can't use already taken photos... seems all these app makers just want access to our phones and all the info on them. F-
Larry 2
I was having so much fun...then not so much. Crashes constantly
Sanjay 5
Best app , interesting and great but now it is not working at all , it can not detect face now . Please check your popular and best app . IT IS NOT WORKING NOW . Thank you .


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