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Useful to update Google Play services , get extra information and to fix errors

This app is useful if you want to update your Google Play services or you get the error message: Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped
It informs you about the status of your current installed version of the Google Play services and shows you four different step by step text and video tutorials of how to fix this error.

In fact, that the source of error depends on the different android version and devices, the process to solve the error is different, too. The videotutorials will help you.
All videos are for free and can be viewed unlimited times. If you click on the button - play video - a dialogbox will be shown which contains the video.

If you want to end the video, easily click on the back button or on a place where the video is not playing.
Construction of the app Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped
Totally there are three different tabs which contains all available functions:
Here you can find all important information to your installed Google Play services. If your version is outdated or has errors, then you will notice here finally.
"What should i I do now?"
If you want to update your Google Play services because they are outdated then do following:
Change to Tab Download. Here you can find five different Buttons, which links you to different download sites. I recomment the download to update your Google Play services directly through the Google Play Store .
Click on the first button and install the viewed Goolge Play services
After that, switch to Tab Info and check if the version was updated and status shows: successful.
If you do not want to update the Google Play services , rather following error message is shown: Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped then switch to the second Tab Help. Here you read the step by step tutorials or play the videotutorials which leads you to the solution. in the video i show you exactly what you should do to avoid getting the error message Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped , anymore.

If you want to update your Google Play services you can download the current version here. The different links are just for safety. if one does not work, you have the opportunity to update Google Play services from another link.

Here you will get Step by Step Text- and Videotutorials which explains you how to fix the error message Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped. The different videos refer to different types of error sources, which depends on different android devices and versions.

The videotutorials refer to following sections:

Videotutorial 1:
Google Play Store

Videotutorial 2:
App settings

Videotutorial 3:
Account settings

Videotutorial 4:
Google Play services

To play a video, just tab on play video button in Tab Help

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Pj 3
Ok here is my problem there is an Gmail account I have deleted but Google play is stuck on trying to sign n it won't let me change or edit it n I cannot get into my straight talk account cause I can't sign into this deleted account.
IvoGamer 3
I tried the 2nd method but it didn't work.
Martin 5
Really helpful. My phone was stuck in a loop of not being able to use Google until I got hold of this app. Many thanks to developers, really user friendly
Michael 1
It does nothing as l can see its as much use as chocolate tea pot
A 5
Good Good app for us download it
USELESS. Gave me four methods but none of them worked:)Got me restarting my phone over n over, really a waste of time.
BarbaralynnBrown 5
Please allow this app.to download on my phone.Desparently needed. Works very well & solves many app.problems.
بله 0من میخام خدمات Gogel PLay برنامه هاعی که نیازه به روز بشود را برایم انجام دهد ولی هیچ کاری برای من انجام نداد لطفا کمکم کنید
Rakesh 5
This app very useful my phone problem is solved
Master 5
Need help to fix Google play service
Moses 5
Got aproblem of update but nw its working

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