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There are 175 emergency prescriptions, 173 outpatient prescriptions, 360 prospectuses (more with equivalent drugs), 330 diseases, 20 intensive care information, 19 clinical information, Legislation, Regulations and laboratory notes. The coexistence of the server application is not present in the market.

* Dermatology (illustrated) - Internal Medicine - Cardiology (illustrated) - Cardiovascular Surgery - Child Psychiatry - Psychiatry - General Surgery - Infection - Physical Therapy - Pediatrics - Gynecology - Otorhinolaryngology - Neurology - Orthopedics - Urology There are diseases and prescriptions in the departments.

* Dosing, Indications, Generic Drugs, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Methods, Active Substances, Barcode Numbers, Drug Prices, Clinical Information / Notes, Laws, Regulations and Writings are given to you with practicality.

* The image content is the addition of the compiler we need. We think we're a tutorial here. The medical faculty student is to be kept under your hands in your position.

* My physician friends will apply. Drug medicines in the market have also been mentioned in the program. It is purely informational.

Emergency physicians, family physicians, new practitioners, specialist doctors, intensive care physician friends and pharmacist friends are not available and is a practical program. The program is inadequate information. It is shaped by your clinical experience and medical knowledge for your writing.

* Sharing (sharing information on cost platform)
* Search (search in all sections separately)
* Click on images.

* We can adapt the program day by day. At the same time a program containing all the programs is not yet on the market for one. The former member of our program has been unfortunately removed from iOS. You do not need the internet. You can send us your request, print message to reset the communication form.

Legal warning
'Anyone who has downloaded the program has been accepted to accept the doctor. Make his schedule day. At the same time a program containing all the programs is not yet on the market for one. The prescription is a clear prescription for use in order to sample any medication in my Notebook and to sample it when writing with your own inspiration. We are not responsible for anything. Everything is seen. It is forbidden to use non-doc friends. It's the doctors of the programs. Anyone who comes here is considered to have accepted these birds. Prepare your apps just to give you an idea.
"I have full responsibility for the need to do / program / diagnosis / treatment", "Those who prepare a problem / problem program for birth can be held responsible."
With the wish of all my physician friends ...

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