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Rebuild your City, survive in the Zombie World!

Commander! They’re here…

The Virus has gotten loose, and a large portion of the human race has been turned into mindless walking deads. Only a few of us has gathered enough supplies to barely make do on this zombie stricken land. Yet things only worsen as dusk approaches. We need YOU, Commander, to resist, rebuild and lastly to rekindle the dwindling flame of humanity.


The definition of humanity isn’t just survival, but to flourish, as soon as we regain our grounds, we need to take the next logical step. Rebuild.

Roads, city planning as well as the strategically placement of every building and infrastructure, these essential duty are on your shoulders, commander, may our city be productive and prosper under your command.

As much as we want to ignore this fact, but there are still people in the outside world at risk of being devoured by flesh hungering zombies at every tick of the clock. They can be anywhere, and we MUST help them, not only is it the right thing to do, but they’ll also be important members of our community, and eventually help us, in building, production and fighting off zombies as well as bandits.

Being isolated isn’t ever going to help the development, even if the world is over ran with zombies, and what’s the best approach to break the isolation barrier you ask? One word, Helicopters, Somehow in the midst of all the destruction, we managed to salvage a functional one, and it’s now at your disposal commander, use it well, so we may obtain and trade the resources in dire need for our survival, production and our future.

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Craig 2
Nice graphics , another time based war game. Again , one building per unit type, one city, no taking other cities, all the apps like this try to copy Evony age 1 and fail miserably. I've been playing a week's and I noticed some parts of the game are not functioning at this time. The development team keep changing game so one day you pay to play a nicely balanced and improving game , then it's completely changed. This is still at a BETA level and should not at all be considered a complete , functional and therefore chargeable game. Be very careful paying to play this game as the developers are changing what ever they want anytime they like. This almost feels like fraud. Thank you Google play for you're understanding.
sumo 1
The advertisement is click bait. Very disappointed. There is a huge disparity between what was presented and the actual gameplay. Too much going on. Too much building and upgrading. Could be so much simpler with an emphasis on defending not constantly building then waiting for upgrades. Just wanna defend and shoot zombies with simple building facilities. Uninstalled..
Derty 3
Rating 3 star for now. I have one issue. The durability feature is stupid as long as you have the units you should be able to attack. Remove this for 5 stars. Other then that its a great game and is far from simple. Everyone crying about it being hard needs to go back to candy crush and stay away from real games. That alone being said I would give it 5 stars.. However limiting attacks ruins the purpose of this game.
Graham 3
When someone attacks the base you then have to spend all of your resources and several hours to restore your troops before you can do anything again. Where is the zombie killing and why can't I kill the zombies in or around my base. I'm still playing but getting bored quickly, good concept but the game is basically the same as battle warship with a new skin over the top.
joe 2
Your Arms Supply package says 2k diamonds per day but I'm only receiving 500. DO NOT BUY. Also constant diamond glitches that take but don't give. Zero customer support
Tom 1
All my resources keep disappearing from cafe!! Finding it pointless when this keeps happening
carl 1
Its very hard to build a farm lol
Shandy 3
The game kicked me out. Said I signed in on different server. Please help I cannot get my game back ?????
Lope 5
Best zombie apocalypse game, thanks programmers for this apps
Darren 4
Every new update the game is at worst. They remove some buildings but no compensation of resources wasted in it. It sucks
Criss 1
With every update, devs either steal power, buildings, troops or whatever. You work and spend time for mothing.


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