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By Roontams Category Casual #57

Description & Details

- Single developer ROONTAMS’s first game!- Random Defence style game!

● Feature
- This game is enjoy easily on stage basis :)
- Summon a powerful heroes (Normal, Epic, Unique and Legend heroes)!
- Summon a 40+ various heroes!
- Battle with a 100+ various monsters!
- Fight with a powerful boss monsters!

● Tip
* How to get more crystal.
- When you have an enough gold, upgrade the little goblin in fairy menu!
- Clear the all of hunt quest!
- If you all clear the hunt quests, you will be rewarded a bonus Crystal!
- You can get more gold with goblin heroes :).
- If you view ad 200 times, you can use Speed 4 ,5 and repeat function!!

● PS
- Single developer ROONTAMS’s first game :D
Might have some minor bugs. Thanks for bug report ;).

● Bug report -

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Android Version
4.1 and up
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10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

Isaac 5
The game is really fun and enjoyable. I watched the 200 ads in like 6 hours so it isn't impossible, but maybe lowering it would make people feel more comfortable. I do have a few complaints on how common and rare units are practically useless once you get 4 unique heroes. I had 4 uniques within 2 hours of playing which instantly made all the previous heroes useless. I wish there was more of a use for them. I got to the dungeon in 2 days and it was fairly easy for me because I put the time into it. I want to see maybe a little more balancing so the average player isn't completely turned off. I min/maxed everything on this so far and got decently far without too mucg trouble. An average player may take way longer or might not be able to get to where i did in a reasonable time frame. Overall worth to play if you are into min/maxing and are willing to put time into it. Would love to see it continue and more heroes and different types of battles or what not be added. Some of the numbers would be cool to see change too.
Karien 3
Was fun before Dungeon unlocked. Then it heads straight into pay2win. Even with 4 lvl 100 uniques with the best BUYABLE gear that isn't from the lootboxes, you will get stuck on floor 20 unless you cash for crystals for a CHANCE at boss loot that might help you beat it.
carrycarl 5
I cant buy the dungeon I bugged?, its a very good game.. though I cant get past floor 25.
ᕼIᔕOKᗩ 5
Only 3 legend? Plz add one more legend

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